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Ideas for Designing a Playroom

Ideas for Designing a Playroom


The playroom is considered to be the kingdom of the child where he spends the best of his times, so mothers should design a specific dependent room for the toys of their children that can be safety at the same time. It should also have all the requirements needed that helps in the process of growth of their children.

Ideas for Designing a Playroom
Ideas for Designing a Playroom


We are assisting you today in designing a playroom for your child through these practical steps:

  • Make sure to provide an independent playroom that can be used until the age of eight.
  • Decorate this room with bright, and bold colors that are in harmony with each other like red, yellow and green. You can paint a specific wall with four colors or paint all the walls with one color. You can use wallpapers, or drawings that reflect the interests and the favorite animate character of your child.
  • Avoid using marble, and ceramic for the floor finishing, because it is not comfortable at all! The best choice is the wood finishing for the floor that should be covered then with thick carpet, or rug. Generally, this floor should be covered with a large piece of colorful rug, or carpet.
  • Avoid using mirrors, because they are not important in this room!
  • Avoid using sofas and chairs, but just decorate the corners with huge colorful cubes made of cloth.
  • Spread colorful cotton pillows all over the sides of the room.
  • Use cabinets made of melamine with rich colors to keep the toys of the children, but in a condition that shelves should be opened instead of being closed all the time, so the toys would be reachable all the time. As the child get older, you can close the upper shelves of the cabinet to keep the unused toys!
  • Make sure to provide strong lighting through fixing lighting through suspended ceiling, and avoid using the hidden lights except over one side of the walls that contains shelves.
  • Specify certain space in one of the corners for reading under a tent with the shape of a triangle made of cloth, and opened partly. It should contain a large pillow, which the child can sit on, and read his favorite books, and stories.
Ideas for Designing a Playroom
Ideas for Designing a Playroom

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