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Ideas to Decorate House Walls

Ideas to decorate house walls


Walls are one of the decoration essentials that needs a study that includes lightning, ceiling and furniture, whether it was rectangular or square. In order to make your walls masterpieces for your visitors, you can use these tips to decorate your walls:

1-For spacious reception areas:

This area includes furniture sets that are not separated from each other’s or those who are not separated from dining room.

-Take into consideration the number of walls in this area.

-Decorate the wall that contains a window looking to a beautiful view with a large curtain to highlight its look. The color and texture of the curtain should be in a harmony with the furniture.

-Divide the walls, which means that if you have a long wall that connects two seating areas then you can separate it into two parts as to make one from wood to break the monotony.

-Decorate another wall with wallpaper that includes unique inscriptions. You can fix some wooden shelves over the empty walls.

-Add some paint that is specialized for decoration to break the monotony of the color scheme in the area.

-Hang a large mirror over the wall that separate two seating areas.

-Fix a natural paint over the wall that would be placed over a sofa in a seating area.

2-Living Room:

-Decorate the main wall with a wooden bookcase where the furniture pieces are places around it and leave the rest of the walls empty to give a sense of simplicity.


Ideas to decorate house walls
Ideas to decorate house walls



Decorate the primary wall with wallpaper or make sure that you paint it with a different color to be able to cover with wood. Leave the rest of the walls white or decorate with some photos or paintings.

Things you should avoid…

-Avoid decorating all the walls, in a specific space, and just focus on one wall.

-Don’t leave a long wall empty but try to avoid it to break the sense of boring.

-Get rid of spreading lots of mirrors and paintings over all walls. It is recommended to use mirrors in the entrance or in the dining room.

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