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Tips for Buying Baby Clothes for The First Six Weeks

Tips Baby Clothes for The First Six Weeks

Baby Clothes for The First Six Weeks

I learned from my experience by trial and error that every new mommy has to consider some points before she starts shopping for her baby clothes especially for the first six weeks. I share with you in this article the most important tips you need to know. You have to consider that you will be changing your baby’s clothing several times a day so you need to focus on the outfits which will be uncomplicated and easy to put on and off for changing diaper. Also notice that babies have more sensitive skin than adults so you need to consider his comfort and avoid irritating tags in clothes.

Predicting Baby’s Sizing:

  • Because many babies can grow faster than others in the earliest months It’s hard to predict your baby’s size accurately
  • My first born outgrow his newborn size in one month and I needed to buy bigger size for him after his sixth week. My second born beautiful daughter skipped the newborn size from the beginning and I had to dress her 6th month size clothes. Other babies may start in preemie sizes and wear sizes typical to their age. I suggest you buy clothing in several sizes and return the smaller size if discovered you will not use.

Clothes to Buy for Your Baby at The First Six Weeks

Because I know you will up to your head in changing clothes and ironing among other responsibilities to your little angel I included here a list of items I bought but you don’t have to follow it by number just consider it as a help guide and you can estimate the number of items according to your needs and how many times you will be doing laundry during the week

Shirts: by From Three to Seven Items

  • Look for T-shirts and turtlenecks with a wide comfortable neck.
  • Your second choice should be shirts with snaps at the neck
  • Your third choice it is a one-piece styles that snap at the crotch.

Leggings or Pants:

  • You will need from four to seven. Pants are useful because it allow you to change one piece of clothing to wash it without putting on a whole new outfit.
  • I prefer the stretchy waistbands because it fits easily over your baby’s diaper and also any kind of clothes have the advantages of expanding as baby gains weight.

Pajamas or Sleepwear:

  • Buy from four to seven depending on how many often you are willing to do laundry.
  • Sleepwear is to comfort and convenience not for photo session so avoid sleepwear that has complicated snaps to safe yourself the effort no matter how cute it looks

Wearable Blankets:

  • Buy two or three if you are in a cold weather
  • It like the normal blanket but it is like sack to be secured and warm the child
  • Some types of blankets have hoods but don’t buy those unless you live in a cold weather.

Sweater or Jacket:

  • All babies like to breathe air freely so clothes pulled over their head is annoying so it is good to have some sweater or jackets to put on instead pullover from time to time but remember to close the sweater to warm the baby.


You’ll need lots of socks for indoors to keep your baby’s feet warm especially when you’re going.

Additional Tips for Dressing Your Baby in The First Six Weeks

  • Remember when dressing your baby, make the clothes comfortable and open snaps and stretch the whole outfit before dressing the baby. And remember to stretch the neck wide before putting it on baby’s head because most children get upset when their breath cut for a second during putting on clothes. When dressing him reach your hand through the sleeves so you can guide his feet easily.
  • Connect with your child while dressing him/her keep talking and singing so he feel as if dressing is a special time not as a bad job you both hate doing. You will remember these good time the most whenever you notice your child getting bigger and you will be grateful for it.
  • Make sure any decorative item is very secured on and I suggest you avoid those item as much as you can because if the child pick up that item it may Solow it god forbidden.
  • Avoid tight size clothes to make the child comfortable but avoid tight neck the most

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