Make a Carpet Yourself

Make a carpet yourself

  You can make a carpet by following 8 easy steps.   Tools: One-color carpet Transparent printing papers Printer Cloth paint Small painting brush Adhesive tape Ruler Scissors Cutter   Steps: Start searching for your favorite drawings over the internet then print it over transparent papers. Use ruler and cutter to dump the drawing. Put the adhesive tape over the borders of carpet completely.

How to Make Carpet Perfumes!

How to Make Carpet Perfumes!

DIY All Fabric Freshener - Hello World Magazine Ingredients: Grounded cup of dry herbs (Lavender, Rosemary) 1 Tbsp. carnation 1 Tbsp. cinnamon 1 Tbsp. baking powder   Preparation: Mix ingredients together and spread over the carpet. Leave it for some minutes then use vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet.   Second Idea DIY Fabric Freshener by Sian Elsdon   Image Source

A Dollhouse Lamp

Dollhouse Lamp

Lamp for a Dollhouse: In this project we will try to explain: How we make a beautiful lamp for dollhouse using cupcake, and some other ordinary elements. We can make various kinds of craft by using the recycled elements beside us. Actually there are lots of recycled materials we think those