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Delicious Indian Chapati Bread Recipe

Delicious Indian Chapati Bread


Indian Chapati Bread:

They say that the mirror of the soul is health, and we all know that health comes through the mouth. For Today we are leading you in famous India to try their famous and delicious dishes, where we will try one of the most beautiful dishes. Enjoy our recipe.


Chapati Indian Bread:


One cup wheat flour
One cup of purpose flour
one tsp of salt
two tbsp olive oil
3/4 cup of hot water


How to Make Indian Chapati Bread:


Stir together wheat flour and purpose flour with salt in one big bowl.
For stir the olive use wooden spoon and for making soft dough use water. Make sure you get a soft dough, and it is elastic, and it is not sticky.
Until the dough is smooth you need to knead on a lightly floured surface, and then start to divide into 12 parts. If you want bigger breads you can separate on less part, and then you need to roll the pieces in form of ball. Give them couple of minutes for resting.
Until is hot heat a skillet over medium, and then grease lightly.
Use a floured rolling pin for roll out the dough balls until you get a thin dough like a tortilla.
Put a Chapati when the pan is hot, and then cook till Chapati get brown color about 30 seconds, and after flip and cool the other site. You need to remain the dough.

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