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Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe

Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe

Homemade Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe

Make your favorite ice cream milkshake in an easy way at home. It is popular in summer for chilled, it is fresh and tasty and rich in vitamins.  You can make it can with your favorite kind of ice cream  mango, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, blueberry… etc

How to Make Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe


Chocolate biscuits Pieces

A cup of milk.

Your favorite Ice Cream flavor

DIY Ice Cream Milkshake Recipe at Home


1-Put the biscuit pieces with the Milk Cup in the blender, mix them well.

2-Add the ice cream to the mixture, it is important to have a homogeneous texture.

3-Increase the speed of the mixer until you get a homogeneous texture and a rich foam on the face.

4-Bring a cup and put a spoon of ice cream, then pour the milkshake, you can add small biscuits pieces to the top, or fruits.

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