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DIY Ice cream with Ice and Salt at Home

Homemade Ice Cream for Kids Recipe

How to Make Ice cream with Ice and Salt!

Ice cream now has hundreds of flavors, but still vanilla is the most loved and most frequently used to flavor ice cream all over the world, especially in North America and Europe.

All ice cream flavors including Vanilla are made by virtually the same method which is cooling a mixture made of cream, sugar, and flavor (vanilla in this case) above a container of ice and salt.

I cannot claim that vanilla flavor made the same way everywhere in the world but I am sure that ice cream is made using ice and salt the same way all over the world here is how

When we mix salt and ice the salt lower the freezing point of that salty mixture and that makes the ice and salt fell more cold than the ice by itself and that cold mixture absorbed more heat from the milk till it have the consistency of the ice cream.


  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
  • Milk, or chocolate milk
  • Salt
  • A large bag of ice
  • Plastic Food Storage Bags


  1. Pour about a cup of milk into a food Storage bag then add the sugar and vanilla essence.
  2. Seal the bag properly.
  3. Put ice and a fair amount of salt halfway a bigger food Storage bag.
  4. Now put the milk bag (the smaller one) into the ice bag then shake it vigorously.
  5. Keep the milk in contact with the ice all the time to form the ice cream.
  6. Check the consistency of the milk after 10 minutes and you can let it longer till it have the ice cream consistency.

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