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Men’s Elegance is Based on Colors

Men’s elegance is based on colors


You should avoid stark colors since it don’t represent the elegance, but you should choose what is suitable with the color of your skin and eyes in addition to the current season.

Several parts form the men’s elegance like choosing the right color based on skin’s color and so on as following:

  1. Light skin tone:

If you are one of the light skinned people or read headed then you need to wear dark clothes because your light or pale skin tone will be worse when you wear light colors. You can choose colors as dark-blue, blue tones, black or medium green.

  1. Willow pale skin tone:

If your skin tends to be yellow then avoid wearing yellow and go for white, blue or black.

  1. Dark skin tones:

Those people are lucky because most colors are suitable for them, but they should avoid dark browns or pale colors because it doesn’t add brightness to your skin.

  1. Medium skin tone between light and dark:

If your skin tone is neither light nor dark then you can make a mix between the summer and winter colors through the harmony between natural pale colors and stark colors to have a strong and elegant look. For example, you can use bright blue with black camo.

Colors based on eye’s color

  1. Men with blue eyes should wear blue or light gray clothes to highlight the color of their eyes.
  2. Red brown eyes: You should better go for warm colors like orange, red or yellow.
  3. Green brown eyes: It is better to wear magenta colored clothes that highlights the color of your eyes.
  4. Nut or green colored eyes: If your eyes are green then it is so important to choose the right color like green, but if your eyes are nut-colored then it is recommended to go for blue or green.

Colors based on season

After we have finished the previous sections, it is time to have a look at the ways of choosing colors based on the current season.

  1. Winter and spring: Primary colors are suitable for these seasons like blue or magenta, but avoid strong and stark colors.
  2. Summer and autumn: These seasons needs natural or quite colors.
    • Classical black suit: It is still the elegant style of suits for men that increases the attraction of men. You can wear it in wedding ceremonies, formal occasions or family meetings.
    • White suit: It is suitable for business meetings and it is also suitable for any type of occasions because it represents joyfulness and elegance at the same time.
    • Brown suit: you should take into consideration the link between its color and the color of your skin. The brown suit made of light wool is the best ever and can be worn with rose shirt and brown tie and shoes with bronze suit. The brown color is suitable with dark-red color, but the color of socks should be suitable with the color of the suit.

The colors suitable for wedding ceremonies are black and white, but formal occasions are better with black, dark blue or gray. Youth should better go for coal gray, dark blue or beige.

Avoid wearing beige colored shits if your skin is light because you will look pale, but people with dark skin will look even darker.

Blue color is the best because it is in harmony with all skin tones and with most occasions.

Avoid wearing stark and light socks because it should catch the attraction of people.

Black and white socks are no longer representing elegance, but gray, brown, blue and green that can have strips, triangles or geometrical shapes are better.

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