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Home Crafts Recycled Beads for Colorful Bracelets

Recycled Beads for Colorful Bracelets

Recycled Beads for Colorful Bracelets

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Are those magazines taking up space from your reading room, but do not want to throw them in case you might need them? Here is a great way to recycle these into colorful beads to make bracelets! And if you are not satisfied with the prints, you can even decorate plain paper to make them into beads.



Colorful magazines (or plain A 4 paper if decorating)
Diamond glaze
White glue
Permanent markers (if using plain A4 paper)
Using a ruler and a pencil, measure half an inch from the edge of the paper or magazine. Mark both ends of a magazine, or plain paper, and continue marking half an inch until both sides have been used up.

From the corner of one side until the first mark of .5 inches, draw a line using a ruler. The shape that is produced should be similar to a triangle. Continue with the lines until all the paper has been drawn on. Cut the small triangular strips. If you have chosen the plain papers, using the permanent markers, decorate the triangular strips on one side. But if you have chosen the colorful magazines, there is no need to decorate.

Once the triangular strips are ready, roll these on a toothpick, and start with the wider side of the triangle. Roll the strips until the sharper edge is left, and glue it on the rest of the bead.

Make sure that the glue is dry before doing the next step. Apply the diamond glaze on the bead using a brush. To get the beads to dry, stick the toothpicks on the Styrofoam for at least 2 minutes. Once dry, remove the toothpicks. Now the beads are ready to be made into a bracelet, or used for other accessories!


Make Paper Beads by How To DIY

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