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Tips to Take Care of Jewelry

Tips to Take Care of Jewelry


Although jewelry is just a material, it needs care and attention to keep it brilliant and shining. If you are one of those who look for a luxurious look, you don’t only have to choose the most suitable jewelry, but also to take care about it to stay brilliant all the time. Or consider pearl earrings as it’s a classic and elegant piece of jewelry that can be worn with a variety of outfits with less worry about an external damaging factor. They are made from natural or cultured pearls and come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colors.

So, here are some tips that will tell you how to take care of your jewelry to maintain their look forever:

1-Don’t wear on your jewelry while doing house works like cleaning the kitchen, toilet or even removing dust from home just to avoid exposure your jewelry for the chemical elements and cleaning products.

2-Wear on the jewelry when you finish the make-up, Because cosmetics in addition to perfumes, body lotions and hair spray contain chemical elements that will spoil your jewelry and lose its brightness.

3-Don’t wear on your jewelry while swimming or at SPA, because these places’ water contain chlorine that changes the color of your jewelry.

4-Take off your jewelry before taking a shower because soap and shampoo add some layers of jewelry that makes it look pale.

5-It’s recommended cleaning the colored gems using warm water with soft brush and mild soap. Make sure to stop the drain of your sink in case of gems falls from its setting.

6-To avoid scratching gems, use an unused make-up brush and soapy warm water then put the gems on towel to get dry. Don’t also touch them after they are completely dry because they will have the capability to attract dirt once again.

7-Jewelry shouldn’t be kept in open spaces such as on top of dresser or shelves because they will get scratched and they may get lost sometimes. Always keep your jewelry in the box you got when you bought them because they are designed especially to save jewelry from scratches.

8-There are some ideal boxes that have specific padded slots for hanging necklaces or fixing rings or bracelets. But when keeping pearls in deposit boxes, they may harm your jewelry more than saving them.

9-When you take jewelry with you while travelling; make sure that you cover the jewelry with pads to protect them from getting scratched by anyway.

10- Most of jewelry stores sells or gives some free professional cleaning items for your jewelry, so make sure to get them when you find them to keep your jewelry always cleaned with a professional cleaning kit that will make a difference.



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