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Saladin (Part 6)

Saladin (Part 6)


The released Christian prisoners and emissaries told King Richard the real and true story of their kind treatment by the Arabs. He sent his apologies to Saladin, on the killing of Arab prisoners. Saladin knew that King Richard would have never ordered such a heinous act, accepted his apology. Prince Philippe Auguste’s plan failed to break the truce, and he returned to France.

King Richard and his commanders were reviewing and planning to conquer Jerusalem. Saladin was also busy in trying to figure out ways to neutralize the rolling towers. He got a letter from Dasmene, a Syrian, and in the letter was a message that Dasmene had a solution to take care of the rolling towers. Saladin sent Issa, one of his most trusted commanders, to bring that man. Issa contacted the Syrian and on their way back, they were surrounded by the Christians and Issa was captured but he manages his escape with the help of Lady Virginia, who was profoundly impressed with the Arabs brevity, nobility and humbleness. Lady Virginia is arrested and tried for betrayal and abetting with the enemy. She is found guilty and beheaded.

Meanwhile, Prince Conrad to avenge his disappointment with King Richard, contacted Saladin that he was willing to betray and defeat King Richard. But Saladin being a leader of high moral values and principles turned the offer with these historical words that,

“I would never violate the truce and will give my enemy a fair chance to fight the war. We have faced many defeats because of treachery and betrayal. I rather have an honorable defeat than a dishonorable victory.”

Saladin true to his word, that Jerusalem is open to all religions and invites King Richard to celebrate his Christmas in the Holy City. The king accepts the invitation to visit the holy City and celebrate Christmas there. This gesture on the part of King Richard does not sit well with his companions and they try to talk him out of it but to no avail. So they plan to kill him on his arrival at the steps of Jerusalem and blame the Arabs for his murder and have a cause to break the truce and launch the Holy War.

To be continued…

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