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The Best Holiday in Monaco City – Travel Guide

Perfect Family Vacation in Monaco City

Monaco is last principality in Europe, squeezed between the Maritime Alps and the sea, with France in the background, the size of New York’s Central Park. City block -La Vie dominated palace royal family Grimaldi. There are still neighborhoods Kondamon which hosts the famous Formula One race, Monogamy, Larvotto, and famous Monte Carlo. Monaco is the meeting place of the international jet set.The founder Francesco Maria Grimaldi of Monaco is Maliqi, who, as a supporter of Pope fled France in the 13th century and found refuge on a rock on the Mediterranean Sea, where there was a military fort and around which later formed the city. The monument to the founder of the Principality stands today is in front of the palace Grimaldi on the central square.   

 Monaco is a country of 30,000 inhabitants. It is the second smallest country in the world, after the Vatican. Get out of the Mediterranean Sea and borders with France. Monte Carlo is the capital and the capital of the dice in this country. The whole country has plenty of casinos, why is attractive for world tourists. Something that is very interesting is that the citizens of Monaco do not pay taxes, so that is why many people come here to find a lucky star.        

 When the underground garage escalator climb up on the square, on the left you will see maritime institute, named after the founder of the First Alberta. Director of the Institute for decades was the famous explorer Jacques Cousteau. Nearby is the church of St. Nicholas, in which all were crowned rulers of Monaco, and within the crypts lie. Among them is the tomb of Princess Patricia Gracia, or the famous American actress Grace Kelly, who renounced his film career by marrying the prince Rainier third. On their graves still stand fresh beautiful flowers. Otherwise, in many places in Monaco can be seen billboards with black and white photographs of Grace Kelly. It reminds the Rose Garden was planted in honor of the princess. With the fortress overlooking the marina where a multitude of luxury yachts in size and beauty stands prince named ” Queen of the Sea” . On a gentle slope towards the sea the St Martin Gardens with 6,000 plant species.     


Saint Nicholas Cathedral, Monaco:

Not far from the museum is the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, built in the 19th century on the site of the St. Nicholas Church, which in turn was built in the 13th century. The Cathedral is buried Princess Grace Kelly, as well as former princes of Monaco.


Oceanographic Museum:

In Monaco Ville is well known Museum of Oceanography, a beautiful building that is rampant rising from the rocks above the sea and enchants at first sight! It was built by Prince Albert I, a great lover of the sea depths, and most of the exhibits is linked to the princes of the expedition. Thus, the museum can see the remains of many marine organisms, models Albert research vessels, as well as some of the first submarines etc.


Prince’s Palace:

Prince’s Palace ( Palais de Monaco ), one of the few rulers of the palace and did not change its function over the centuries , but is still used as the home of the Grimaldi family, and it is also one of the few places of its kind that has been established. Is Prince’s family is present in the Palace, you can determine by the flag, who in their absence lowered.

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