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How to Choose the Right Hair Color

Perfect Hair Color for Your Skin Tone-Hair Style Guide

The Perfect Hair Color for You

 If you want to change your look, easiest way to do this by changing hair color. Choosing the right color for your hair is not easy and does not involve you to choose the color you like, but the real color which suits to you. There are many different factors that you must take into account before you decide to change the color of hair. Follow these steps in order not to make a mistake when changing the color.

Pay Attention to The Color of Your Skin

  • If you are dark-skinned, you correspond to darker hair color. Never dial a hair color lighter than the color of your skin color, because it will look unnatural.
  • Avoid red and blue if your skin has a warm, pinkish undertone. Choose ashy tones that will neutralize your complexion.
  • In case you have pale skin, you can choose any color hair.
  • If you are extremely light tan, forget the black and dark brown shade of hair color. Will look even paler than it is.
  • If your skin has a cold, yellowish undertone, avoid blue, gold and Festival Orange tones and dial dark red and dark brown shades.


Determine What Color Clothing You Best

  • Choose hair color based on the color of clothing that suits you perfectly.
  • If you agree to red, the orange, golden yellow and olive green color clothes suit you warm shades of hair colors, such as gold and silver, golden-brown and brown.
  • If you look good in black, royal blue dress and colored cyclamen, for hair color, select one of the following shades: platinum, ash-blond, ash-brown, indigo-black and color Burgundy (bright red color, which has a brown color additives).
  • If you fit clothing red, purple, turquoise, the coal colors and color violet, neutral tones suit your hair color, such as sand and blue, beige-blue, chocolate brown and mahogany.
  • Warm shades of hair color, such as red, gold and brown is best suited to people with brown, green or hazel eyes.
  • Cool skin tones hair color such as light blue, and gray colors will best suit people with blue, and gray eyes.
  • Cool skin tones hair color such as light blue, and gray colors will best suit for people with blue, and gray eyes.
  • In case you have damaged hair, brown hair is the best solution. Browns can best reflect the light and minimize chapped and damaged hair.

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