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The Grandma Told Me

The grandma Told Me


My grandma told me that :

The grandma said to me don’t hit anyone by Ladle , and if you do that he will be hungry forever.

If you stay beside the fire and the smoke come to your face , that means you’re very pretty lady.

If a single lady eats a salty food that means she wants to get marry , and for the wife that means she needs her husband.

If you wearing your Clothing upside down that means your husband will get divorce , and he gets marry to other lady.

If you want to say something but another person said before you , that means he will live more than you.

If you rubbed your right hand , that means someone will come to visit you within two days.

If your coffee poured on the floor , that means will happen to you something good.

If you get a bad dream put the open scissors under your pillow , then you can back for sleeping.

If you play with scissors as open it and close it many times , that means you will be a very poor man.

Salt spray in the corners of the house making the envy far away from you.

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