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The Secrets of The Success of The First Job Interview

The Secrets of the Success of The First Job Interview


The secrets of the success of the first labor interview:

Pay attention to your résumé, and try to write correct C.V. also should be simple.

Choose the right clothes for a job interview.

Your actions, and movements from your hands in the interview effects on your acceptance at work.


Here are some tips to help you to success:

The important steps to follow first begin by gathering information about the company, that will help you to join them in particular with regard to its activities, and try to gather information about the company, you can collect the information you need from different the sources such as; the Internet, friends, or news published by the newspapers, or even company announcements to the media.

Recommended that you also select the start questions common to such events, and training to respond. You can use a notebook, and retrieved before the interview.

Taking care to leave a good impression, first impressions often lasts, choose your words very carefully, and avoiding negative physical movements such as; shaking legs or bend the arms, etc…..

Notes the importance of access to the corresponding place sufficiently in advance with an elegant body, and start with greetings to the Director. And maintain a light smile on your face during the interview, try to listen to every word small or large which the boss say for you , remember always, use the balanced tone of voice so as not to be high or low with no hesitation in speech.

I prefer do not to talk about salary before Director, and I would prefer not to identify a particular salary, because this is a double edged sword.

Finally, initiate the handshake when you leave the office only, while moving properly when you leave to avoid getting lost in the chairs or anything in the Office which gives a bad impression.


Steps should stay away from you:

When the women tend to shrink their bodies, by the laying on of hands, and feet together, with hunchback, this gives an impression on woman as oppressed, and broken.

Avoid touching the hair, or face, or jewelry during the speech.

Tilt head is an indicator of good listening, but in the workplace is a sign for the agreement, it could be misinterpreted as a sign of pranks, so we recommends the women training themselves to say something when she tilted head, and then moderate in the upright position, And can train yourself in front of the mirror. Avoid non decent clothes.

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