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Things That Men Should and Shouldn’t Wear in Their First Date!

Things that Men Should & Shouldn't Wear in their first date!

The first impression is crucial, so if you care about the success of the connection, make sure that the first meeting date high of yourself. To create a positive impression are important to many factors, one of which is certainly the clothes. What you wear on it sends a strong message about you, so be sure about the choice of clothes for the first meeting.

Although there are no reliable rules of how you should be dressed to the first meeting was a success, some fashion advice may still be useful.

It all starts with clothes you wear, so please read the following lines to get dressed for every occasion.


Comfort comes first                                                                  

Try not to overdo it.

 that you dont need to look up for forward, or doesn’t matter did you spend all day at home without meeting , if you look to yourself in the mirror , you can see that you are handsome, with good looking, and you send message with your look to other one that you care deeply for your stealing, and how you look. This look is sweet, no matter how much cost and expensive it is but you cannot dress like this for relaxing time

At least for the first meeting of the wear something “formal “, even if the jeans are sufficient. Jeans are usually the most secure version that runs on almost every occasion. It is desirable that they are not frayed or torn.

First date with someone you like can be stressful, so you do not need additional care about uncomfortable clothes, and shoes. Despite your desire to look great, but do not wear new shoes uncomfortable, both because they do not have to skip a romantic walk.

Also, at the first meeting do not go dressed as for a business meeting. The formal business clothes leaves the impression that your work is always in the first place and that really do not have time for a love relationship. In addition, the time you send the message that you are pretty boring person who has no imagination for a relaxing time and leisure time.

If you want to impress your partner, you need to pay attention to the colors, and designs that you have combined your wearing. It is safe to opt for safe solid color combination of dark colors.


Top five colors for men:

  • Grey – 24 percent
  • Black – 22 percent
  • Blue – 16 percent
  • Green – 8 percent
  • White – 7 percent


Grey is the color for men

If you hope gentle hugs, consider a thin cashmere sweater, or merino wool, or corduroy jacket. Show her that you have a gentler side, and the chances that you fall into the arms will be higher.

If you want to show your manhood there, among other things, grey color can help you. Grey is the color of a typical male, but you can mix with other warm shades like yellow, which gives the impression of serenity, and openness. You can also mix with white, or black color, and you will give a good impression to other people.

Regardless of what you will wear for the first meeting, most important, however, that in fact you feel comfortable and relaxed. Only in this case, you will be able to fully devote yourself to the person next to you.

The rule of “less is more “applies to men, whether it is an “aftershave”, jewelry, or T-shirts.

  • Tattoos discreetly store under long sleeves, show them next time.
  • We all have some comfortable clothes that like to wear, but in the first date you need to keep these clothes away from you, because that can gives a bad impression for your lady.
  • Do not try to impress her knowledge about fashion, unless you are really confident in that area.
  • Worn shoes are not an option, no matter how much you were comfortable and nice. Women shoes are important

Do not forget to put perfume, because that is very important to every woman. But be careful not to put a very strong perfume, because it would not liked that woman who went out with you. So let it be gentle and kind.


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