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15 Tips for a Complete Hijab Look

How do you show your femininity while you are veiled? - 15 Tips for Veiled

More than 15 tips for a complete hijab look

How do you show your femininity while you are veiled? Tips for veiled

15 Tips for Veiled 15 Tips for Veiled15 Tips for Veiled

Tips for coordinating clothes for veiled women:

Tips for wearing veiled clothes for a conservative and modern look:

The veiled girl always needs special interest and care to appear in full elegance and attractiveness. We find that most of the veiled women care about the method of wrapping the veil, wrapping it in the most appropriate way for the shape of their face, forehead, and their outfits, and for the nature of the occasion they are going to.


1- If you want to maintain a fixed veil throughout the day, use a hair tie (bandana) made of elastic cotton or lace, to lift your hair from the front. Then put the veil over it in the way you find suitable for the shape of your face. You may be able to show this tie at the front of the head, if You wanted, provided that it is coordinated with the color of the veil

2 _ Avoid the printed veil with decorated and embellished clothes. If your veil is printed, choose clothes of one color, provided that their colors are classic and calm.

3 _ Avoid excessive makeup so that the face looks inconsistent with the general look.

4 _ Beware of merging casual and formal clothes in one look, and avoid wearing a shiny veil with casual clothes or a cotton veil with evening clothes.

5_ A multi-layered veil that gives the head a double volume with loose clothes, because balance is required, which is one of the secrets of elegance.

6- Choosing light clothes with a light veil, or dark clothes with a dark veil, which makes the outfit looks bad .

7- Coordinating the look and the veil in the same color, and choosing shoes and a bag of the same color, so that it does not appear from head to toe as if it is covered in one color.

8- Avoid wearing tight clothes so that the veil loses its modesty and prestige.

9- If your choice is to wear a woolen hat, avoid loose wraps or loose fitting veils. It is enough to wear a small scarf to gather your hair under the hat, or to adopt a tight wrap of the veil.

10 _ If you choose a sleeveless dress, wear blazers over it, it is the best option and never wear shirts under dresses, and always choose what suits you like maxi and long sleeves.

11- Dear, you can resort to winter dresses made of wool or knitted fabrics to feel warm, which can be coordinated with leather jackets in a modern way or with a knitted cardigan or a light trench coat for an elegant look. If you are looking for a look that makes you feel more warm, I advise you to choose wool winter dresses and coordinate it with heavy coats for an elegant and attractive look.

12- Avoid wearing more than one layer of clothing to cover the entire body, as a result of wrongly choosing clothes that are not suitable for the hijab in the first place, such as choosing clothes with short sleeves or sleeveless or wearing layers for coverage.

13- The hijab in neutral colors coordinates with many clothes, such as colored clothes or striped clothes, and these neutral colors are white, black, and beige.

14- Wearing the veil without pins is a much faster way than the rest of the other ways of wearing the veil, and the veil can be worn without pins by draping a rectangular veil over the head, then wrapping the end of the veil around the head once, and bending the two ends of the veil over the opposite shoulder.

15 _Make sure to take care of your hair and comb it regularly twice a day so that it does not become dry, because most veiled women neglect to take care of their hair.

16- Do not choose bright or non-uniform colors, which makes you face a difficult choice when choosing the color of the veil.

17 – Using a wide veil that covers down to the bottom of the shoulders, with an embroidered shirt from the front, which makes the shirt lose its advantage.

18 – Do not choose a veil that is not suitable for the shape of the face, or the color of a veil is not suitable for the color of the skin.

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