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Tips for Making Small Offices Look Larger

Tips for Making Small Offices Look Larger


People got forced sometimes to design an office in a small space. Designers don’t know the impossible, so most of them agree on some rules that make the office appear larger although it has a small area. These are some tips on how to make small offices look larger with very easy steps.

1-Put one thing that gives big attention:

 The reason for adding just one big object or furniture piece is to grab the eyes’ attention on it, but if they eye focused on more than one thing, then it will look around the whole room and find that it is really small.

2-Use mirrors:

The bigger the mirrors are, the more spacious the office will look. Mirrors grab the eye’s attention and reflect the opposite side which gives the feel that the office is really large.

3-Putting few large scale objects:

When adding some oversized objects, they give an opposite effect. When putting large scale objects they will grab the eye’s attention instead of putting the attention to the size of the room.

4-Paint the walls with light colors:

Light colors always make any space appear larger and the dark colors make the spaces appear smaller. You can choose white since it is the best color that can make an interior space looks really large.

5-Use a simple color palette:

You can use specific color like white and use with it blue and some green objects, or you can use classic black and white.

6-Always go with symmetry:

Avoid using contrast colors in furniture. Symmetry in the design  gives a comfortable view to the eye and the eye will not have to look around everything because all the objects are simple and easy to be understood.

7-Don’t put massive furniture in the middle of the room:

 Add the furniture around the walls since it will make the space look open and easy for people to walk in instead of using massive furniture in the middle of the room that will give a sense of mess.

8-Decorate with accessories and plants:

It is not good at all to leave the surface empty. Instead, add some plants and objects that made of glass to give a better reflection and keep the feel of light.

9-Minimize using patterns:

If the rug has a pattern, then it is better to avoid using any other object with a pattern.




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