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White Color is the Key Towards a Modern Kitchen

White Color is the Key Towards a Modern Kitchen

Modern Kitchen Design:

With the spread of modern apartments, the modern and ultramodern designs have been the most dominant styles. Since the kitchen is the kingdom of housewives, we’ve chosen for you this part, and we are going to assist you on designing it in a very modern way.


White Modern Kitchen Ideas:

-Go for sparkle white-painted stainless-steel materials. You can also use wood, but in a small amount.

-Make sure to cover the floor with practical tiles that comes usually in dark-gray to be in a harmony of the purity of the white color in a contrast, and attractive way. It also hide dusts more than bright colors like white, and beige.

-Replace the traditional gas oven with another one hidden behind a long cabinet, and divided into three parts: Microwave, steam oven, and traditional oven.

-Hide the refrigerator behind one of the long cabinets’ leaves.

-Give importance for providing ventilation to avoid the spread of cooking smells, which gives the kitchen a special environment different from rest of the rooms.

-Add a warm touch even if the kitchen was completely white through fixing shelves that carries cooking books and family’s pictures frames.


Modern Kitchen Lighting Ideas:

-Avoid using white lighting, and go for those hidden lights in the suspended ceiling. You can also use chandelier with a very modern design.

-Use a Kitchen Island, which is a furniture piece located in the middle of the kitchen, which consist of several drawers inside it. The white marble, or wood would be covering its surface that contains washing sink and top of the cooker.

-Decorate the corners with plantings, which matches the modern touches, like cactus, orchid, rosemary, thyme…etc.


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