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How to Choose Accessories for Your Home

How to Choose Accessories for Your Home


Accessories are very useful to make a home look beautiful and brilliant instead of being just a good designed home. They have the key to express personal interests and style more than the furniture since they have a small scale. The ways of choosing accessories is not easy and most of home décor markets don’t match the accessories with the feel that you really want, so you should care about two main things when choosing accessories for your home:


Try to use similar colors to those you have used in your furniture to avoid the sense of contrast. For example, if the color of the sofa’s edges is silver, then choose accessories with the same colors to give a sense of matching.

 2-Scale Matters:

Don’t choose large accessories because they will make the furniture look cheap and bland and also the very small objects give the sense of having toys in adult’s room. Hence, always choose an average scale to give an appropriate definition for the design. For example, don’t use a small bowl or 12-inches vase on a 9-foot dining table, but you can use them in other locations that match their scale.


When you buy your accessories, try to focus on these 10 essential pieces of decoration:

– Candleholders and candles: Candles give a very good sense to the room even if they are not lighted. You can use a tray filled with tea-light candles and pebbles instead of any traditional types. You can choose also candleholders that get placed on walls that give another amazing look.

– Throw pillows: these pillows soften the seating area and they can be used to complete the color scheme in the room that matches the furniture and the other objects in the room.

– Mirrors: Mirrors are a very good choice to make the room appear larger.

– Seasonal décor: you can add additional decoration accessories at specific holidays to get a sense of fun.

– Vases: You can add flowers to them to give a vertical dimension to the room although they are pieces of art.


Fireplaces: Even if you didn’t build a fireplace at your home, you can hand wall-mounted fireplaces in the bedroom to enjoy the feeling of warm in the cold weather.

Bowls and baskets: These objects don’t only give a style to the room, but they can be used as function as well. You can use a bowl of fruit that matches the color scheme of the room and to get benefit from the fruits itself.

Indoor fountains: The indoor fountains give a sense of relaxing after a stressful day. They also are very useful to add moist to the dry air.

Decorative screens: These screens can be used to give a depth to the room or to hide an object behind it like a closet door.


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