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10 Steps to Stop The Habit of Biting Nails

10 steps to stop the habit of biting nails


Biting nails is so common among children. According to studies, 1/3 to ½ of children and teenagers bite their nails. Some of them stop this habit and others keep on it until old ages.

We can’t say that this is dangerous even when it is really dangerous because it leads to infections of the skin around the nails which leads to growth of improper nails in addition to harming the teeth. The problem happens because the parents ask their children to stop this habit without knowing the reasons behind it. There are several reasons like worry, fear or following the steps of an idol. There are some suggestions as following:

  1. Talking with the child to know the reasons behind that habit and help him overcoming these problems.
  2. Discuss with him some habits like smoking, biting nails, sucking thumb, and how people were able to overcome them. Describe how you felt during this habit and what happened to stop it. If a parent is smoking, try to ask the child for support to get rid out of that habit.
  3. Explain the importance of stopping that habit and healthy will he become when he stops it. You can get evidence from doctors.
  4. Keep the child’s nails always cut and teach him to clean his hands usually after playing outdoor.
  5. Go for positive motivation and believe in his abilities that he can succeed to overcome this habit.
  6. Look for stories on the internet on how cases were able to overcome this habit to motivate the child.
  7. Wear cotton gloves or use cream over nails at the time when the child get used to bite his nails while watching the TV or staying in the car.
  8. For girls, you can promise with a visit to a beauty salon to get a session of nails care.
  9. Don’t talk about the problem too much and don’t highlight it during your everyday talk.
  10. Stop reprimanding, but be patient.

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