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3 Ideas of How to Use Stick Up Wallpaper In Your Laundry

3 Ideas for Modern Stick Up Wallpaper For The Laundry Room

Stick up wallpaper is one of the cheapest and yet crazily beautiful way of adding color and personality to your laundry room. With stick wallpaper, you can create your own patterns and designs on the walls. You can use different colors, patterns and shapes to create an amazing look in your laundry room. The trick here is absorbing some crazy stick up laundry wallpaper ideas and implementing them.

Here are 3 ideas of how to use stick up wallpaper in your laundry:

Play with patterns

A modern, clean look is the best way to go when decorating your laundry room. You can create a lot of different styles with this wallpaper trick. Try to make your room more interesting by playing with patterns and colors. If you want to add some color and personality, you can use patterned or striped wallpaper that will add some interest to the space while still keeping it clean and simple.

Create a contrast effect

If you’re feeling more traditional, why not use all black or all white? This will give your laundry wallpaper a look that will be sure to wow your guests! You could also choose an interesting color combination such as green, purple or brown — anything but plain old white!

If you want to make a dramatic contrast effect between two colors in your laundry rooms, try using one darker color next to white or light grey walls and vice versa! This will make your room look bigger and brighter than usual, while also adding some interest to it!

Geometric styles

If you’re looking for something more traditional, try laundry wallpaper with a geometric pattern or design. This kind of wallpaper makes for an interesting backdrop against which you can display your favorite photos or pictures of your family and pets.  There are different other related styles that you can try in this case to achieve exactly what you want at this point, space and functionality.

Wallpaper for Laundry Room: How to choose

Wallpaper can be installed on walls, doors and window surrounds as well as around light fixtures and cabinets. Before you choose wallpaper for your laundry room, consider these factors:

How much space do you have?

 If you have a small laundry room with limited wall space, consider using wallpaper that can make your space look bigger. There are some great laundry wallpaper designs, styles and patterns that can help you along.

What kind of style do you want?

Look for patterns that match the style in other rooms of your home. You could also choose bold colors if they work better with your décor.

What purpose does your laundry room serve?

Do you want it to be functional or decorative? If so, think about how often people will use this area and what type of activities take place there (e.g., folding clothes vs. ironing).


No matter what kind of style you are going for, there is patterned wallpaper that will fit your needs. From contrasting patterns to simple monochromatic looks, wallpaper allows you to experiment with your design choices to get the results you want.

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