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Macedonia and Their Superstition

Top 20 Superstitions in Macedonia

Customs and traditions are the root of every people, so I’m not surprised that lately more and more vibrant. Just time trying to entertain guests and tourists, and also does not allow to become forgotten.

The young bride should be on the day of the wedding see the groom into the engagement ring, and it will bring her his eternal love. Old generally recommend this custom newlyweds, because so new couple will have a long and happy life. After the wedding ceremony bride throwing the bouquet over her shoulder to catch unmarried girls. It is believed that the girl who catches it will be the next to be married. At the door of the church, godparents throw money at weddings, and it is a symbol of prosperity that awaits newlyweds in community life. After that, it starts joy that can last for several days. And of course, when it’s all over and the newlyweds went home to groom the bride will be transferred over the threshold. It is a pagan custom of ancient Slavs under which it is considered that the spirits of ancestors living in the threshold of each house , so young that they would not be stamped when first entering the house , the groom is transmitted over the threshold and thus respecting their ancestors.
There are different customs regarding the wedding, all in favor of the newlyweds. Some of these customs remain today slightly adjusted Godeni modern life, but people where customs, because thats the part of the symbolism. For example, when you are going after young bride, young bride will hiding in a room , and the groom with friends will trying to guess where it is hidden, while at the same time and used a ruse to trick or force guards the young – brother or a cousin of the bride. When you enter the room the bride, bride groom must first look through the hole of the ring, only to be caught in the circle. Groom need to put in the bride’s shoes money. Young bride pushes the shoe until it is sufficient with money- be shoe trays. And so many more of these customs have that young still practiced but more for fun and laughter.

At about 10 km from the Mavrovo Bistra Mountain is located in the middle Mijačka -Galicnik. Galicka wedding is very very old type of traditional weding, were bride and groom were traditional weding were from the history time and Galicka wedding is 3 day and 3 night, and Pecalbarska event is before wedding days. Pecalbarska in Macedonian language mean period when people from Macedonia in history go to work in other country (Istanbul, Bulgaria ..) and the period when they come is called Pecalbarska.They celebrate coming home, which is regularly held July 12 at St. Peter’s in the Macedonian traditional costumes from the area on horseback, and with all the folk instruments – drums. The most famous of all Emigrant message is : ” Wherever you are , at St. Peter’s , at home you must be .” For this Galicka compete wedding newlywed least one of whom must be from Galicnik origin, both to the Macedonians. So in 2005, as the Austrian Consul wanted to marry upon our compatriot on this custom and I was just a tradition interrupted. The bride is decked with golden decorations and costumes from the traditional embroidery, costumes and youth alone is very difficult. The bride and groom get married in the church at all practices.
This is performed in honor of the great love with which he ended bloodily. In the past it was a couple who loved passionately mutual, but the Turks who ruled did not allow that love and the wedding day they killed her. Tradition says that it must be held wedding at this place to all in Macedonia growing rise of a new love.

In Macedonia, which celebrates Christmas according to the Julian calendar, ‘’kolede “fall” on January 5th. The day after the Christmas Eve, when the hearth brings Christmas tree – Badnik. The wood is cut before the three parts (which represents the Holy Trinity), and all three parts of the house brings father, son put pieces of wood into the fire, and then the exchange of greetings: “Good evening and happy Badnik “. Mensa – meatless dinner – vegetarian: cooked vegetables, nuts and walnuts, bread and dried fruit, the special bread that is adorned with dough. For bread we put everything that they would like to have to be happy (made heath – for love, made grapes – for more wine, celebration, baby- for new family member…)
On the first day of spring in eastern Macedonia, grandmothers knit flasks that are worn on the arm and called martins.
Martins is a braid of red and white thread, and is worn on the right hand to Satan fleeing youth and happiness and good angels followed the young people . Martins should not take you out of the hand, they themselves fall off.
Macedonia have some more superstitions:
If there are many fish in the rivers, will have a huge winter
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday do not to cut nails ….

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