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4 Common Mistakes for Dark-Skinned Women’s Makeup

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Dark skin is considered the most attractive type of skin when it gets a simple makeup touches. It needs specific colors to highlight its beauty you can avoid the following common mistakes for a better look:

  1. Using red-colored foundations is not true at all because the dark skin consist of yellow and bronze colors, which means the foundation’s color should be close to these colors.
  2. “You should use stark blushes like orange, fuchsia and red”. This sentence is completely wrong because dark-skinned women should use natural colors near to the color of their skin because stark colors are not suitable for their skin tones. It is recommended to use bronze powder all over the face instead of just using it for cheeks. If you prefer the cheek blushes then add what you want, but reduce the intensity of the color through bronze powder over it.
  3. “Use dark shadow colors with black eyeliner”. You can use dark shadows like blue and green and you can try beige and brown colors in addition to gold and purple for a renewable look with a golden touch to match the color of your skin.
  4. “Use always pale lipstick with lips highlighter”. This myth is not true at all, because lips glitter suits the dark skin better, so replace the highlighter with the blushes through using thin shadows brush. Fill your lips with the glitter since the powder will keep the glitter in its place. It is recommended to use the glitter in the bronze color.

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