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This Season’s Suit…Bold Lines…Different Details

This Season’s Suit…Bold Lines…Different Details


Everyone has in his closet at least one suit, whether it was Solid or youthful that can be worn every day or at formal events; because it is the heading of the renewable fashion all over the season, and it is the bold main lines even if the details were changed. There is no wonder that this type of clothes got highlighted in the men’s fashion weeks in addition to various accessories, which suits youth men, which were designed by any of top designers.

Any man may get confused about choosing the suitable suit for this season, but the designers give the suit a meaning with the specified shoulders, slim waist, comfortable pants and jackets with strait buttons. Generally, this season’s suits combined the best of these features, starting from the victory ages passing through the thirties ending with the youthful fashion in the sixties to end with a result of a modern and vital look.


Tips on buying this season’s suit:

-Most of the designers adapted the thirties, and forties fashion so it would be better to choose a white, light colored, square patterned specially these ones that made with spring and summer cloth.

-In this season, and all seasons, the designers present to you their golden advice: “Learn how to choose the suit and everything will be less difficult later, because the suit is your first weapon towards the smartness.”

-Buying a suit is like a long-term investment for men, especially if it was a classical suit, because men don’t need to change clothes and accessories in every season as women do; because the men’s fashion takes a straight path with a little secondary change from time to time.

-The suit is the piece of clothes that gives the man’s look a smart, and trust look which is considered a turning point from the teenage to the adulthood, so do not hesitate to buy a suit with a good material, and be generous with this piece of clothes.


7 advices to choose the ideal suit:

We present to you some steps that you can follow to choose a suitable suit by following these tips:

  • Don’t listen to the seller: Don’t listen to the seller that all the suits suit you, and the shop’s tailor is available to fix its shape to suit you more. Only choose what suits your body and don’t let him do this for you. Try different suits, and don’t choose any of them before you get convinced with it.
  • Ask yourself why do you need to buy a suit? You should answer this question first to know the shape of the suit, because a suit for work will be different from one for another occasion…Choose one that fits all occasions, and it will be good to wear its jacket with jeans.
  • Visit a well-known brand: Visit stores that provide plenty of styles. Accompany your friend whom opinion is trusted then choose different ones that gets your attention, and match the fashion then take a look at the price.
  • Know the size: Don’t choose a loose one as to be more comfortable or to choose tight one to look slim, but let the seller help you choose the perfect size.
  • Shoulders and waist: Feel that its shoulders are hugging you and don’t choose one that is wider than your shoulders because it will be very loose. Choose one that allows you to close the jacket’s buttons easily.
  • Number of buttons: All the suits from the nineteenth till now are made with 3 buttons that are the perfect choice for men although the jackets with 2 buttons were spread widely recently that gives a modern look to men.
  • Fitting room: If you weren’t wearing a shirt and classical shoes that fits the suit, then ask the seller for ones to try with the suit to help you feel better look. Don’t focus on the jacket only while you try the suit as the pants should be comfortable, and the waist shouldn’t be very high or very low. If the pants were not suitable then trying pants from another suit.

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