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5 Rules to Have a Successful Synthetic Eyelashes on Your Wedding Day

5 rules to have a successful synthetic eyelashes on your wedding day



To fix the eyelashes on your wedding day or in a special occasion, follow the following simple steps:

  1. Prepare your skin: the synthetic eyelashes fall down when the skin becomes oily, so fix it in its place after cleaning the eyelids through cotton pads and toner then use a specific primer for eyelids.
  2. Buy eyelashes with three sizes: All women try to convince people that synthetic eyelashes are natural when these eyelashes are with three sizes, which means that its length is suitable with the natural eyelashes length. It means that it should be short from the inner corner of the eye increasing to the middle of the eye, but doesn’t increase until the end of the eyes’ outer corner.
  3. Stay away from the eyelashes line: fix them at an inch away from the eyelashes line to prevent them from being wet or falling down, but single eyelashes should be fixed through glue parallel to pins in-between eyelashes and press over each eyelash. In this case, you will need to five to six eyelashes for each eye. Regarding the tape-shaped eyelashes, put some glue over each tape then put it over your eye carefully like when you draw your eyes with eyeliner.
  4. Fix your eyelashes in its place through small hair picker: the eyelashes glue takes two to three minutes to be dry. After applying the eyelashes, take the hair picker and press carefully over each part of the tape starting from the inner part to the outside corner of the eye. Cover the whole eyelashes with liquid eyeliner because it becomes dry faster than the pen eyeliner.
  5. Use mascara carefully: Yes, you have to use mascara over the synthetic eyelashes! It is important to apply it starting from the middle of the eye to its edge and avoid the part where eyelashes touches the glue.

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