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4 Reasons Why Workplaces Should Have A Child Care Service

4 Reasons: Why Workplaces Should Have A Child Care Service

Growing your family by two feet shouldn’t affect your ability to give your maximum at work. But this gets difficult when you have no one to care for your little one. It can not only affect your productivity but also makes you less focused. Today’s working parents struggle to find reliable and convenient childcare to take care of their little ones while they are at work. This causes a huge obstacle in the way of working patents. However, a childcare agency like Wee Watch can help working parents focus on their careers while not missing their parental duties at the same time.


Workplaces should have child care services for their employees. It will not only help them focus better on the work but also decrease the absenteeism in them. In addition, according to a study published in the Journal of Managerial Psychology, employee performance is improved when they have child care services available at work.  It helps employees to balance work and life correctly. In this article, we will discuss why workplaces should have a child care service.


1. Increased Productivity 

Working parents work very hard to keep a balance in their work and life. Unfortunately, this can only happen if there is someone who can look after their child responsibly. If workplaces introduce child care for their employees, it would be a great breakthrough. Half of the time working parents are thinking about their child while at work. If there’s on-site child care at the workplace, it will help working parents to focus better on their work as they will know their child is in safe hands. As a result, the productivity of employees will increase.


2. Lower Absenteeism

Working parents often have to take leave to look after their child on days when there’s no help or both of the parents have to work. As a result,  one of them has to take leave to be with the child. If workplaces offer child care for their emotions, it will help to lower the rate of absenteeism at the workplace. In addition, knowing your child is in responsible hands employees can work without any stress. As a result, they get more focused and determined knowing nothing is stopping them from achieving their goals.


3. Better Engagement 

Studies show that working parents who use a full-service daycare center were found more concentrated and productive in their jobs. Once the working parents know their child is taken care of nearby and they can check up on them when needed, they work with full concentration. In addition, it is easier for them to attend early morning meetings or stay for late-evening meetings knowing that their child is being taken care of nearby. This increases their productivity and level of engagement as they are fully mentally available. As a result, their work output is better which in turn favors the company.


4. More Mothers Are Breadwinners

In this fast-paced world, everyone has to earn their share to make both ends meet. You can not expect a person to earn and feed an entire family. Nowadays more mothers are breadwinners of the family. They work to fulfill the needs of their children along with their husbands and sometimes alone. Not having a child care service at the workplace means losing a huge swath of the workforce. However,  having a childcare service at the workplace can really help working mothers build their careers for themselves and their families. In addition, it would be a great step towards women’s empowerment.


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