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I Want You ” 12 “

Episode 11 of I Want You - Horror & Murder Story

Day 7:

Williams and his friends made a copy of all the videos that were on the camera, then Anel took the camera to give it to the police.

Rose’s mother came back to the home after what she had heard about the house and the dead bodies, she thought of leaving the house and renting a new one. While she was packing her stuff, someone had knocked on the door, she opened the door to find Mr. Aws asking her to meet him at the garden to talk about the money she paid for the rent and how would he repay it to her. When she left to meet him, Williams and his friends were standing in the balcony staring at her and Mr. Aws talking.

 When Rose’s mother back home again and with so gloomy voice sounded said:

“I have changed my mind; I am not leaving this house.”

Williams and his friends exchanged the gazes between each other’s “How!” asked Williams in astonishment “Do you want your kids to play above garden full of dead bodies, did you lose your mind? I guess, you are not a responsible mother, the serial killer who committed all those crimes is still free, he could be one of the neighbors here, you should worry about your kids and yourself.”

“This is enough” Rose’s mother yelled at Williams; her face was red “I need to get some rest in my room.” She sighed then went to her room.

“It must be that empty-headed old man who is called Mr. Aws.” Anel said to his friends “I am sure that he told her something to make her change her mind, but what is his point? “And what he told her!!!

“That’s none of our business.” Williams replied “We have tried to warn her and we can’t do anything more than that, let’s pack our stuff and leave this doomed house, I don’t want anyone to get hurt, what had happened to Adam is enough already.”

 Then they started to put the tools they brought into boxes to get ready for leaving the house, Adam opened the door to leave the house

Rose’s mother came out of her room and said: “Please don’t leave the house,” begged Rose’s mother them. “Rose is coming back tomorrow, she is fine now, and I am thinking of having a small party for her and I hope you will be part of it, let’s celebrate that, that horrible nightmare has ended.”

Williams and the others decided to stay to celebrate with her, and by evening, they were watching the TV While Rose’s mother went to visit Rose at the hospital with her kids.

The movie was comedy and that made Williams and his company giggle loudly, the electricity went out all over the house while they could hear the doors to all rooms in the house got opened then closed many times then a shadow of a stranger appeared, and inched toward them to sit among them, Williams along with his friends were out of breath, their bodies were stiff yet their eyes were watching the sitting stranger. The lights went on again and the shadow disappeared, they found on the floor these words “Leave the house” that’s what was written on the floor.

“I don’t want to sleep here” Rakan said “I don’t want to stay alone here.” And everyone has decided to stay together till they fell asleep one after another.

While Williams was asleep, he felt a heavy object pressing tightly on his chest, he was feeling so cold and when he opened his eyes, he saw that Lina’s dead body was lying on his body, her arms were stretched out and pressed on his chest and, her eyes were wide open staring at him.

Williams said: “Lina, are you alive?”

She smirked at him then lifted a hand to slap him and vanished.

Williams, jumped out of his bed shaking as Adam was standing in front of the shadow talking to it “Why do you want us to leave quickly?” Adam asked the shadow, but it disappeared when he had noticed that Williams was over hearing.

Williams said to Adam: were you talking to the ghost?”

“Yes!” Adam answered

Williams said: “What did it say?”

“Adam said: He asked me to bury his dead body in the holy land so he can rest in peace as his killers had desecrated his body and if we helped him, he would help us to get out of here.

It is the ghost of the guy who was in the triangle and I told him that we don’t have enough money to take his dead body to the holy land where we can bury him there, and I asked him why he wants us to leave that house so quickly! But he didn’t answer as you came here and he disappeared.”

Williams said: “Anyway, we are going to leave tomorrow after the party, and we will never come back again” Williams continued talking to Adam, do you know that I used to believe that ghosts are not a real thing! But now and especially today, I am terrified and I started to believe that they really exist in this house, and their power is way, way greater than what we can handle.

And I really miss Brit who I let her down by the time, I have found out that I do really love her, I am going to see her after Rose’s party ends, I should tell her how much I love her. Do you think that she will forgive me, or she will choose Daniel over me? I really want to settle down, I want a life that is full of love and happiness, we have had enough of adventures, but I don’t want to abandon all of my friends though! Tell me please, do you think that Brett is going to forgive me?”

Adam said with objected: “And why do you ask me such a hard question?”, “Women are really hard to be understood, they are mysterious and no one ever can know what is going on in their tiny minds!”

Adam laughed and said: “I bet, we just think that their minds are tiny as we are fooled by our physical strength, and we think we’re smarter than them.


 But if we are honest with ourselves, I would say that they are the strongest, every single woman in this world knows very well what she wants from each man she meets, and she puts him in the right position whether he will be a husband, a boyfriend, or even just a friend. But we, Men go effortlessly to them to find out later that we have fallen in love already after it is too late.


 look at yourself now, when Brett was with you, you didn’t give a damn but when she decided to be with Daniel, you want to tell her that you are have feeling for her, you was already with her, I bet you were feeling like you are ruling the whole world when you hold her soft hands, who is the winner and who is the loser is that game, my friend Williams!”

Williams shouted and said: Adam, stop it, this is enough, your words make me feel even sadder, I am in agony. Let’s try to sleep for a while, tomorrow is a busy day for all of us, and I am dying to get back home to talk to Brett as I sleep in my warm bed, and enjoy a candlelit peaceful night with her like we used to do.

To be continued…


Written by Maha F. 

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