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Benefits of Olive Oil

Benefits of Olive Oil


There are 25 benefits of olive oil, which are some of an infinite number of advantages of olive oil. Here are the benefits of olive oil:

  1. It makes your arteries more flexible. Taking two spoons of it daily will improve you overcoming heart attacks and strokes.
  2. It reduces the level of bad cholesterol since it contains polyphenol, which helps in keeping the level of bad cholesterol low.
  3. It makes you less hungry and it makes you eat less and have less desire to eat more.
  4. It reduces the hazard of strokes for elder people.
  5. It reduces the hazard of coronary diseases for women. An Italian study has shown that olive oil with many leaf vegetables and fruits leads to a reduction of rate of heart diseases for women.
  6. Reduction or treating acne even if it look unfamiliar to treat acne with an oil, but massaging with olive oil and salt helps in overcoming some kinds of acne.
  7. Protecting red blood cells and as a result, protecting your heart over time. Polyphenol plays an important role in that part.
  8. Healing sun burns. Olive oil works on calming the light burns of sun light through keeping the skin wet. Using equal amounts of ingredients from olive oil and water and keeping them in a closed put, shake well, spray over the burns.
  9. It helps in overcoming breast cancer. Olive oil contains plant chemical elements that kills cancer cells.
  10. Improves the memory and researches have shown that olive oil prevents Alzheimer.
  11. Prevents heart attacks for men since it reduces heart attacks with percentage of 82%.
  12. Keeps the lips soft. You can make your own lip moisture with olive oil, honey candle with equal quantities. Put in a glassy pot and put over your lips using your fingers.
  13. Refresh your hair. Beautiful people and warriors used to use olive oil to beautify themselves since it strengthen the hair and makes it more flexible.
  14. Helps in improving the health at old ages.
  15. Prevents hair from being dry. Use olive oil as a moisture for hair roots.
  16. It prevents mid-age diseases because olive oil is rich with calories.
  17. Pressing over oven, which is raw olive oil, is a good way to add olive oil to diet.
  18. Cleaning the sensitive skin. Ancient Egyptians and Romans didn’t have soap and they used to massage their skins with olive oil then remove it along with died skins.
  19. Removing nail coloring since it removes it completely.
  20. Having a cheap cleaning session like that at SPA centers to clean your skin.
  21. Moist the skin since it is the closest oil to the natural oil of the skin.
  22. Preventing early facial aging.
  23. Never clog irksome of the skin and doesn’t lead to blisters without having oily hair.
  24. Prevent having loose skin because it increases the flexibility of the skin.
  25. Moist and soften the feet through soft massaging with olive oil, honey, lemon juice and sugar. Soak your feet in warm water and massage them.

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