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Your Guide to Choose The Right Curtain Cloth for Your Home

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Since the bride’s beauty is incomplete without the vail, the house’s elegance is not complete without suitable curtains and housewives always interested in changing any piece of the house even if it was too little.


How to choose curtains:

  1. Know your favorite style whether it was modern or steel to decide the design of the furniture, carpets and the overall design of the space. You can look for designs at magazines or internet.
  2. Choose the walls paints and furniture colors first before choosing the color of the curtains.
  3. Choose the cloth of the curtain carefully, which should be suitable to the model you have chosen that should be also easily cleanable and doesn’t get affected by sunrays.
  4. If you have spacious area, you can use a wide range of colors and cloths, but if it was narrow with low ceiling, then use light colors and simple cloths to add a spacious look to the space. Use the cheapest cloths and lightest ones for bedrooms, toilets and kitchens and make sure that it is fire-resistant at kitchens and toilets.
  5. Take a general idea about what is available in the market and prices before actual buying because prices various from a store to another even with the same quality.
  6. You shouldn’t get restricted to buy the cloth and design it at the same store because its price might be cheap but cutting and designing is expensive at one store and vice versa.


Specify your budget, take the dimensions of your windows and balconies, and list the styles you need.


How to measure the amount quantity of curtains?


Calculating the required amount of cloth for curtains:

Draw the shape of the style of select it from a magazine or catalogue, take the dimensions of the windows, and add 25 cm from each side, so the curtain would take the right shape. Specify the height and length of cloth in case of bended style of curtains.


Types of curtain cloths:

  1. Chiffon: It is a transparent cloth with various colors used solo or above blackout and is usually used in the modern styles.
  2. Organza: old, valuable and expensive cloth.
  3. Velvet: thick ad elegant cloth that resists dust and easily cleaned.
  4. Silk: soft cloth that requires special care.
  5. Satin: gives a reflection of light and is considered very practical.
  6. Velour: thick and soft cloth that gives elegance to the space and is usually stylish.
  7. Voiles: light and soft cloth.
  8. Taftah: made out of silk and reflect the light, which gives the space the elegance of silk.
  9. Cotton and linen: cloths suitable for kitchens and bathrooms and easy for wash.
  10. Blackout: a layer of cloth similar to waterproof, which is used below the light cloth to prevent the daylight to penetrate in the early morning and it increases the privacy and doesn’t affect the beauty of the curtain.


The recent styles of curtains:

It is going for the bold or sandy colors whether cloths were simple with large printings with different bold colors. It has been common also to use the curtain cloth for upholstery or pillows, but at the end, you should choose what is suitable for you not what was set by fashion or styles.

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