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Don’t Hit The Ground

Not hit the ground 3 times with your foot


Not hit the ground

I love to travel to different countries when I have a chance, I didn’t know my last trip would be my curse which would follow me for the rest of my life.

When I was riding my car, I passed a small village and my car stopped and broke down there. So, I decided to stay there until found someone to fix it. I felt thirsty and hungry so I went to a small bar, when I arrived to the bar, I read a sign that was on my table it said: “Don’t hit the ground 3 times with your foot”. I asked the people who worked there about this sign!! their answer was that the ghost would be angry who lived in the bottom of the ground, because this bar is built on a cruel tomb. So, I thought it was a trick, and I did not believe them after I finished my meal and drink, I went to the middle of the bar and I hit my foot on the ground three times.  Everyone who was in the bar hid themselves. Some of them went under their tables, or chairs, and some of them went out, except me I opened my arms waiting for the ghost, but nothing happened to me. Then I opened the bar’s door, and I went out to my room to sleep, because I felt very tired, and I also felt feverish. In the middle of the night I woke up and heard some strange voices under my bed like someone who had nails scratching the floor and bed vigorously.

I looked under my bed, but I didn’t find anything. When I backed to my bed I found the ghost sitting on one side of my bed. He was angry and ready to attack me with his scary face. His face was telling me that. Then he extends his hand towards me, and saying to me that: finally, I will not be alone in my grave. let’s go.

I told him I don’t want to live in your grave, and what about my family, my friends, my neighbors!!! I cannot live without neighbors !!! or people around me!

The ghost said: No need to be worry every moment come to us a lot of people to buried into our tombs, also your family will come to us when their time comes, we all going to die in the end.

I said to him: What about if I refused to go with you?

The ghost replied to me said that in that case he would kill and hunt anyone who comes and talks to me, No one will be safe

I refused to go with him, and I thought everything that happened in this room it was a bad dream only.

In the morning I went to pay my room rent to the old man who appeared to take the money, and he was pleased when he got his cash. Suddenly, the ghost appeared out of nowhere then killed him. He looked at me, then he said to me: “I will kill anyone you talk to”.

I told him that I want to live I don’t want to die.

The ghost said “fine I can stay with you in your apartment”.

I decided to rent a small flat and I started working as a freelancer. If I needed to buy, or sell anything I used the technology such as; PC and my mobile, I could not go out with my friends as a normal person, because I am afraid of the ghost killing them, and I don’t have a woman in my life, or anybody. Only the ghost who stays with me and talks to me. I can walk in the park and watch the people from afar, But I started to notice something these days, most people that are in the street, or parking etc. Are using the technology more than talking to each other so I started asking myself If they have their ghost too!!

 Or do they not appreciate the blessing of being with each other, and have come to believe in the piece of plastic that is called the mobile phone, and that it is the way to salvation more than themselves.


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Written by Maha F.


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