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Borma with Pistachio Recipe

Rolled Shredded Pastry with Pistachio (Borma) - Arabic Dessert Recipe

How to Make Borma Recipe at Home?

Makes 10 servings

Calories: 8820

Prep. Time: 90 minutes



1 kg pre-made Kunafe dough

300 g ghee, for frying

200 g syrup

400 g pistachio or any kind of nuts



1-Flat the dough on a large table, with a straight line then add nuts in the middle.

2-Roll the Kunafe over the nuts from the beginning to the end while taking into consideration to cover all the nuts.

3-Put in a tray and leave until it gets dry.

4-Meanwhile, heat the ghee in a deep pan then fry until it becomes gold and drain from ghee.

5-Spread the syrup after heating over the Borma and leave for an hour then drain from syrup, cut into circles, and prepare with tea.

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