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Different Ideas to Make the Small Kitchens Look Larger

Different Ideas to Make the Small Kitchens Look Larger


Kitchen is the place where housewife spend a lot of time in it and although sometimes it may be the place where the family have their breakfast also. Unfortunately, sometimes kitchens may not be large enough which makes the housewife feels frustration while she prepares food of do some cleaning due to the feeling of extra enclosure. Fortunately, we are presenting you some ideas that will make your kitchen look larger even if it is not.

  • Painting: One of the most ideas that all people agree at is that white color makes the space really look larger than it is. You can paint the walls, floor, ceiling, countertops and even cabinetry with white to give the eye no place to stop at so, as a result, one will not notice that kitchen is in fact small.
  • Color scheme: If you are not going to use white color, then you should choose a color scheme that features harmony and has low-contrast that will give relax feeling in the eye. You can choose colors such as soft gray and green or any color scheme that contains good and calm harmony.
  • Use glass: It is better to replace the cabinet doors with glass because this trick takes the eye’s attention not the kitchen’s large but to the depth inside the cabinets. It can work perfectly if things in the cabinet are arranged and have a color scheme too.
  • Natural light: Natural light usually makes spaces look larger so try to take benefit of the windows you have to produce the maximum amount possible of daylight.
  • Type of furniture: Don’t use heavy or large furniture, but use simple and lighter ones as the sense with the small kitchen can match each other’s.
  • Extra space: If possible, you can merge the kitchen with living room to make the space look larger instead of getting a wall to separate the two spaces.
  • Visual effects: Try to use tiles for the floor that gives the floor a sense of stretching and also you can do the same with the wall paint.
  • Striped flooring: As people used to know that when someone wear clothes with horizontal stripes he/she will look wider, you can do the same with floor to make it appear more wider.
  • High cabinets: You can use the mounted cabinets to be attached to the ceiling to give it a tall look as it will make the kitchen look really tall.
  • Cabinet tops: Reduce cabinet tops to give a sense of free space.
  • Surfaces: Use reflective surfaces such as stainless steel and ceramic as they will reflect natural and artificial light to give a brighten look.

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