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My Living Room Accessories

My Living Room Accessories


Relax – it is the little thing that can make the living room a place of joy and comfort and inviting. It is the room where family and friends gather and both are important.

Warning– Do not go overboard with the accessories. Ensure everything fits in style of space and overall color, scheme and interior design.

Design Concept: Design and style are the dresses to your IMAGINATION. To pick design and style means to give direction and sense to accessorizing of the living room in the larger frame of furniture, walls, windows and size of room. For example, a window or a television is picked as a focal point and accordingly furniture and accessories are arranged and placed.

List of accessories:

  • Rugs or carpets
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Bookcases and small end tables
  • Floor and table lamps
  • Mirrors
  • Vases, bowls and baskets
  • Candleholders and scented candles
  • Clocks and artificial flowers
  • Family portrait frames
  • Art paintings


  1. Accent the floor with hand woven wonderfully designed classic carpets (with an eye on the budget) or with bold and dashing colorful machine made carpets; this gives pattern and texture.
  2. Window treatment is choice between fabric curtains or blinds to match wall color.
  3. Colorful with lovely patterns pillows and cushions are placed on sofas and chairs.
  4. Bookcases are placed against the walls with an open view to show the displayed items.
  5. Small end tables carry small frames of family and friends pictures, table clocks and a table lamp.
  6. Floor lamp of elegant style is placed near the small end table.
  7. Choose classic shapes and designs of vases and bowls and lovely baskets to keep artificial flowers, keys and magazines. These elegant and graceful vases and bowls can be used as centerpieces and baskets to have things organized.
  8. Wall art is a reflection of aesthetic and artistic sense and taste. Be very conscious about choice of painting because this is an instant eye-catcher to the arriving guests.
  9. Large and small mirrors in proportion to the room size and availability of wall space; they add dimension and depth to the overall view of the room.
  10. Ornaments can be another neat touch.

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