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DIY Wax Colors

Homemade Wax Colors for Your Children

How to Make Wax Colors at Home



Big white candle
3 Sheets of cardboard
a Pair of scissors
Adhesive tape
Food colors



  • The pen is wrapped inside the cardboard to get the required wax pen size.
  • Use adhesive tape to stick the cardboard well to get a cylindrical shape.
  • Take out the pen from inside the cylinder and then cover one side of the cylinder with a piece of cardboard and then stick it using a tape.
  • Cut a small part of the candle into small pieces in a metal plate, then add one food color.
  • Put the metal plate in a water bath to melt the wax and stir with a wooden stick to mix the food color well.
  • Pour the wax into the cylinder that we made of the cardboard, and then put it in the freezer for 10 minutes.
  • We cut the adhesive tape and remove the cardboard paper to get a pen of wax colors, and we repeat the process until we get several colors of wax colors.


Note: If you have a Fingers Shaped Silicone Tray you can use it to Pour the wax and making wax colors.

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