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Do You Want to Be Longer!!!

Do you want to be longer!!!


Madam can hide a large part of short stature to achieve a harmony in your appearance. And we’ll offer you in these context important tips that give you a taller shape, and more confidence in yourself.

– Make sure to lift your head constantly, and raise your neck, because the curvature of the head forward loses a few centimeters of your tall.

– Make sure that your weight is appropriate with your tall, do not let your weight is growing at all, because the weight gain with short stature earns the women a form as close as possible to the shape of a barrel.

– Keep proportion between the height, and the outfit which you’re wearing ,and do not carry a large bag, also don’t put your broad belt or loosely scarf, because that gives look like the doll.

– Try to select the consistent clothes for your body, as much as possible, do not wear a baggy clothes, also try to choose clothing with vertical lines, because it helps you to look taller than before.

– Wearing a high heels crucial to the cause of short stature, because if you do not know how you are walking with a high heel, will be offensive to major beauty misuse, If you are from this type who don’t like to use the high heel, it is appropriate for you to use a medium heels, any moderate length, and do not choose the short heels, make a section of the foot apparent, because this would give you more leg extension.

Different Ways To Use Your Powder:
If you want to keep your body dry without perspiration, you can when you’re using some powder.

It absorbs sweat, and keeps the skin dry.

Also if you want to protect your make-up for long time, put some of powder in places that sweat quickly, you can use a powder after cutting hair, by sprinkle some of powder in the areas where the hair hung out, and then use your brush to remove the hair from your body.

If your hair is greasy, you can solve this problem by spread some of powder on your hair.

To protect your feet, and your hands from ulcers you can use the powder too. You can sprinkle some of powder in your shoes to absorb perspiration.

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