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Tips and Tricks on How to Be Blonde!

Tips and Tricks on How to Be Blonde!


Since most of the women are not naturally blonde, most of these women are trying to dye their hair to be blonde, so we are offering you these tips, and tricks to help you get blonde.


Were you born blonde?

The rule of thumb is being followed when it comes to become blonde: If you were born with blond hair then it will suits you most when you become an adult.


Taking into consideration the skin and eyes colors:

Most of women will look beautiful in the blond hair, but not all of them will look like as a naturally blonde woman.

If your skin is pink, and can be burnt easily, and your eyes are blue or green, then you will look naturally blonde person. If your skin has yellow undertones, then you will look like being washed out with any hair that is too light. In case you are brunette, it is recommended to consult a stylist before you take such a decision.


Before you dye your hair, use a wig:

You can really know whether you will look better with blond hair, or not by trying blond wig first.


Are you willing to spend a lot of to maintain the blond hair?

If you have a natural dark hair the keep in your mind that the blond hair will be maintained hardly.

Dark-haired women should visit the salon many times until she can reach the targeted blond tone. Toner and bleacher should be applied first for hair before you get blonde. Being a brunette will make you visit the salon many times also to get the blond tone.

If you get a too light hair too fast, then your hair will get dry, and damaged fast too, so you shouldn’t apply things in one visit, so be patient and listen to the advice of your stylist.


Do you have to do it yourself?

Dying hair at home is for those people who want to go a couple of shades lighter, or darker, or to cover the white hair, but any complicated process should be done by a specialist.


Preferring “Bronde” over being blonde:

If you can’t get a perfect blond color, then you should go for bronde hair color. It is the perfect sun-kissed blond hair for natural brunette women.


Care about the haircut:

When you go for a dramatic change, it is recommended to get the haircut before you dye your hair, because they should complement each other.


Taking into consideration the shape of eyebrows:

Women who have very dark eyebrows should dye them lighter to avoid the high contrast between hair, and eyebrows. Don’t do it by yourself, but ask your stylist to lighten them for you.


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