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Satan Lives with Me!

Did you ever think that your wife who sleeps beside you is the devil? Yes, I shared anything to the devil such as bed, food, and even giving my child to Satan. Every night, the devil is whispering in my ears on what he wants. I think I am loosing my mind to say that!!!

Ok, let me complete my story, and the judgment depends on you.

My wife found another mischievous act. Her new victim is my family who lives in the same building. She’s standing next to the window watching my family from morning until evening, this is her new task. Every day she is doing the same thing, she doesn’t care about cooking, or cleaning the house,or looking after her children.

The only thing what she cares about is the window, and because of that, I stopped bringing some foods, because she never thinks about cooking.

Want to know why she’s doing that? Because my family disregards her. They don’t want to talk to her, and they don’t like her too. She wants to control the whole building, but the people in the building refuse to accept her, and accept my mom as the controller of the building. She gets mad and decided to change this, and she started to have a concierge who will work in the building. Then, we build a room for him just beside the building.

She started to create a problem with him by letting him leave our building. She wants him to listen to her orders only. In addition, she doesn’t want to pay him. Indeed, my wife wants a concierge who is working for her without pay.

Starting that time, the concierge quit doing her orders, and anything she needs from shops or market. She felt angry, she went to the police station and claimed to the police that a concierge stole her money. From this time we used to see a car’s police in our building, also we start used to see our concierge run away from us, or he disappears from us, or he refuses to work with us.

Everyone in the police station knows about her. She is famous there, so if you need anything from the police station you can ask my wife.

There was a time that we had a good concierge. He decided to stay with us, so my wife started to have the plan A – The Police Station. She accused him of raping our daughter, but the police don’t believe in her. As a result, she started to do another, plan B – Trash with Bad Words. She opened her window from morning and threw a trash with bad words in front of his wife, and his children. My mom and the rest of my family told him: “When she tells you some bad words, tell her the same words, don’t keep your mouth shut up”.

The concierge felt happy when he starts saying to her bad words too. And when my wife threw some garbage at him, the concierge puts some trash next to her door.

My wife she is sure that my family is on the side of the concierge. So she starts to put some garbage next to their doors, and they start to fight with each other. For me, I stood on the nonaligned. Now, the concierge still working in the building. This is the time now for another thing, plan C. She brought three bullies‏ and paid them to hit the concierge, but he was a strong man, so he caught them and he insisted to go the police station. All the neighbors stand beside the concierge. This is the first time that I saw my wife was begging for forgiveness then she got it.

My wife didn’t surrender easily, so she started another thing, plan D. She started convincing me to steal the concierge’s money. Her excuse was that he raises the price on the residents of the building, and he deserves that.

Everyone in this world has a weak point, my weakest point is money. So, I accepted the offer to go with her to his room and she did the rest, we found a lot of money in his room, we took all of it.

The concierge knew who stole his money, he went to my mom and my mom paid him the money and she asks him not to go to the police station, he accepted that but he left our building.

Now I am with her on the same level.

To be continued…

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