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Essential Tips for TV Room

Essential Tips for TV Room

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Many people thinks that the minutes you spend with your family watching TV are very valuable, especially one of your hobbies is watching movies at home and enjoy the wide TV screen.

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These are some tips to decorate the valuable TV room:

Essential Tips for TV Room
Essential Tips for TV Room

-Start with redecorating the room and it will be different if that walls and straight from those curved ones.

-TV’s screens are different and there are many kinds like LED, LCD or plasma screens.

-Measure the dimensions of the room to determine which furniture are suitable for the room.

-You can use modern design for the room like hanging the TV over the wall even if the wall is made of glass.

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TV used in living room
TV used in living room

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How to determine the size of TV used in living room?

There is a very easy way to know that:

-Sit on a sofa and measure the distance from your eyes to the lower TV borders using “inch measurement” where 1-inch=2.54 cm, then divide the result over 3. For example, if you are seating 120 inches from the TV place, then it will be 120/3=40 which means the TV size should be 40 inch.

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