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I Want You ” 9 “


Williams and his friends were still there behind the door, pushing it forcefully to prevent these black and angry shadows from entering the home. At the same time, Anel noticed that there is no light at all. Adam also had just taken his shower to find his friends in that situation. Here, Anel shouted saying

                                “Adam, switch all the lights on quickly.”

Adam started switching the whole lights of the rooms on one by one, so the sound of these black shadows faded away. After that, they sat on the ground, heaving a sigh of relief. Then, Williams asked Anel:

                                “How did you know that the light will make them go away?”

Anel:                     “I noticed that they appeared in the garden while we were sitting in the darkness but they couldn’t appear in the house because of the light. So that I guessed that solution.”

Rakan:                 “I noticed something when I opened my mobile camera to see what it has recorded. Do you know what these shadows were?”

Adam:                  “What? Spell it quickly please!”

Rakan:                 “There were those disappeared guys. You can make sure yourselves in the morning when I get my phone from the garden. I remember that guy’s face very well as his father always holds his photo and stands in front of this home’s gate, crying and asking about his son!

Williams:            “So, tomorrow morning, we are going to search for your mobile phone to make sure that you’re right. If you were right, this means that we have to start digging and searching in the garden.”

Adam:                  “What about Mr. Aws and his wife? Once we start digging, they will get mad and will prevent us not to destroy their garden and the roses he waters every day, won’t them?

Anel:                     “let them go to hell if there are buried bodies in the garden. Let’s think of the families of these guys and how they feel because of their sons disappearing.”

Adam:                  “What if we were wrong and if we didn’t find anything? What we’ll do then??”

Williams:            “In that case, we’ll just apologize for Mr. Aws and his wife and plant new roses for them besides being prisoned for some time.”

In the morning, they went to search for Rakan’s mobile and, indeed, they made sure that he is the same guy they think of.”

Adam:                  “We are supposed to find his father, standing in front of the garden’s gate as usual. Let’s go and talk with him.”

Indeed, they found the father there, holding up a poster of his missing son. Williams asked him saying,

                                “Why are you standing here, man?”

The old man:    “To meet my son and tell him that I have never forgotten him”

Williams:            “Do you mean that your son is inside?”

The old man:    “No, he is outside, don’t you see him? He is standing behind you.”

Here, they all looked around, but they saw nothing.

Anel:                     “Let’s go. He is a mad man and we’ll get nothing from him.”

Williams:            “The only option for us is to go and look for him inside the garden. Let’s start from where we were sitting yesterday and saw that guy’s shadow.”

They started digging in that place and luckily Mr. Aws and his wife didn’t see them as Mr. Aws was busy planting another area far from them and his wife was visiting one of her friends.

Williams and his friends found the guy’s body and his hands were tied and under them, there was his mobile and the Satanic Bible.

Rakan took the mobile and said:          

“Maybe we find answers to our questions.”

And he started checking it after charging it. He checked both the received and missed calls but there was nothing. Then he opened the gallery to see the videos and found many videos for a group of people hooded with black cloth in a dark room that contains black candles in every corner. These people were receiving the orders from a person who was hooded with a red cloth and sitting on a wooden chair. In front of that man, there was a rectangular wooden table and there was just one black candle on his right, one candle on his left, and one candle in front of him.

The hooded people with black cloth brought a group of young men, their hands were tied, and once these guys started screaming and asking for help, that man who is sitting on the chair moved his hand towards them and suddenly their screaming vanished and they became unable to talk. Then he pulled out small black stones of his pocket and threw them on the table like the dices when are thrown on the table. The black stones start to move and composing the word “Kill”. The hooded people took the tied guys and started making holes in their bodies, sucking their bloods, and then sticking them on the wall just like a 3D portrait!

After that, they brought the guy, whose body is buried in the garden, and his hands were tied too. They pushed him to sit in front of the man hooded with red cloth who was sitting on the other side of the wooden table. The guy started screaming and asking for help, so the red-hooded man moved his hand in the air which made the guy unable to scream too. The same of what happened with the previous group, the man threw small black stones, but this time, the stones composed the sentence “I want you”! The black-hooded men moved towards the guy and ordered him to say “and I want you to be my lord”, but the guy refused to say that and suddenly he had a heart attack because he was so frightened. His head fell on the table and he died.

Here the red-hooded man said:                           

“We were supposed to frighten him in order to accept joining to our lord, but the death was faster. Now, our lord will be angry! Check every inch of his body to see whether our lord had left a sign on his body before his death or not.”

They started taking off all his clothes, searching for any sign, but in vain. When they told the red-hooded man that they didn’t find anything, he said:

                                “So? What should we do now? Our lord will be angry. Also, what will this guy’s sole do with us?”

He continued saying: 

“There is only one solution.”

To be continued….

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