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Eid Cookies with 3 Kinds of Fillings Recipe (Fillings Delight, Agameya, and Dates Recipe)

3 Kinds Of Recipes for Eid Cookies


Cooking time: 25 minutes


1 kg. Flour
½ kg. Ghee
2 tsp. instant yeast
½ tsp. sugar
tbsp. sesame (half toasted)
1 cup warm water (for making dough)
1 tbsp. rose water
nuts (optional)



-Sieve the flour twice with a pinch of salt. Add in a Pyrex pot. Make a hole inside the flour and add sesame.

-Put the ghee in a clean pot over heat. After it is melted, add it to the hole inside the flour and start mixing from all sides with wooden spoon (to avoid darkening the color of the dough) until it is mixed well and the flour absorbs all the ghee. The sesame will continue toasting when we add ghee.

-Make sure that flour absorbed all ghee and leave until the mixture cool down. It is a very important part to make successful cakes.

-Melt the yeast in ¼-cup water (from the one cup in the ingredients) and add ½ tsp. sugar. Leave it until the yeast completes the reaction and be double-sized. After the dough cools down completely, you will start rubbing the dough with hands.

-You will take a part of the dough and rub with your palm and repeat for the rest of the dough, be patient because it deserves! It is a very important part to make the ghee fully mixed with flour.

-To start kneading, add the yeast and rose water and ¾ cup water then mix well. There is another mixing way for these cakes, you will hold the outside parts and put them inside as a ball shape with your palm. You’ll find it lighter and more coherent. Add water little by little depending on the flour’s type and continue mixing until you form a soft dough that don’t stick on hand or pot. Make sure that its color is light too.

Don’t add more than 1 cup warm water because cakes will be very tough!

-Leave the dough though the yeast can make a reaction for one hour.



There are three kinds of fillings:

  1. Delight

2 tbsp. butter
toasted sesame
½ tsp. rose water or two cloves ground mastic
¼-spoon sugar (depending on favorite taste)


Mix all ingredients and form as small balls with appropriate size for filling.


  1. Agameya

1 tbsp. flour
1 tbsp. ghee
1 cup honey
1 tbsp. sesame
rose water or ground mastic for taste (optional)


Heat ghee over heat and add flour without changing its color (like making white sauce) then add sesame without changing color. Add honey and start stirring over heat without forming conglomerates. Stir until it becomes thick over heat.

Take away from heat and add rose water or ground mastic. Form as small balls for filling.


  1. Dates

Cut and mince dates and add 2 tbsp. butter + ½ tsp. cinnamon + toasted sesame

Mix and form the dough as small balls for filling.


Adding filling:

Take egg-size parts from dough and soften with hand then spread over palm. Add the desired filling and nuts and close the dough. Form into balls between hands another time and make sure that the dough is closed down. Garnish the cake with tools neatly. Add into trays with long in-between distances and leave half an hour or less depending on the temperature, so the yeast will make another reaction.



Bake in oven over 200 degrees for 25 minutes or more depending on the cakes’ size until it becomes cooked or golden. Leave to cool down. Add powder sugar before serving.

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