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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses?

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses?


Eyes got infected sometimes because of being exposed to sunlight for a long time, so a sunglass is a must and not just a beautiful piece of accessory. Everyone should choose suitable sunglasses for him that suits the type of the face, especially the women who care about choosing sunglasses that is in line with fashion and the same matter for men.


Choose sunglasses that can protect your eyes:

It is not necessary that the sunglasses should be expensive to be high quality sunglasses and can protect the eyes, but you can buy a one that has the properties of protection and shouldn’t be much expensive. You should take into consideration that cheap sunglasses have lenses that is made with bad quality material that will get scratched, or damaged easily. Cheap sunglasses may have spots that deform the vision and some cannot protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays, so it is recommended to buy sunglasses that made of Polycarbonate because it resist scratches and protect the eye from ultraviolet rays.


Assuring that the frame is undamaged:

Before you buy sunglasses make sure that the lenses and frame are undamaged and check the lenses by seeing through them and move them slightly to see if vision change while moving the lenses over the eye horizontally or vertically. If you want to know it the sunglasses are good for brightness sunlight then try to look at it while you wear on the sunglasses to know how reflective it is. You can check the frame by bending it and the good frame will be flexible and back to normal position before bending.


Choose sunglasses based on the face type:

  • Round face: in this shape, the height and the width of the face are the same and the chin is circular and unnoticeable, so choose a round sunglasses or an oval one to soft your face features.
  • Squared face: it is the face that its height and width are similar somehow in addition to that the jaw bones are highlighted plus that the forehead is wide and the chin is wide also, so you should choose circular or oval sunglasses to soften your face features.
  • Triangular face: the forehead and cheeks are narrow and the jaw is wide. It is recommended that there isn’t frame at the bottom side and the top side has more details that enlarge the upper part of the face and it is better that the lower angles goes inside that makes the chin look smaller. You can choose also transparent sunglasses that give balance to the highlighted-chin faces.
  • Oval face: Its height and width proportional and the chin is narrower from the forehead and the cheekbones are high, so all the sunglasses’ types are suitable especially the rectangular ones.
  • Heart-shaped face: wide forehead and cheeks with a narrow chin, so it is preferred to buy sunglasses with more details at the bottom side that gives more width to the chin to achieve balance plus that the narrow frames reduce the width of cheeks and forehead. Try not to choose sunglasses with more details at the top side, or sunglasses with large lenses because it increases the width of the forehead and cheeks.
  • Diamond face: Eyes and chin lines are short and the cheeks are wide. Choose oval frames that give balance to the face, and avoid narrow or small ones that shorten the eyes line.
  • Rectangular face: the height is larger than the width and the forehead and nose is long plus that the cheekbones are high. Choose sunglasses with large lenses with the bridge connecting lenses are wide and garnished that gives width to the face. Avoid choosing small frames because it increases the face’s length.


How to choose the color of sunglasses?

-If your eyes are blue: you can choose orange, silver or blue.

-If your eyes are green: you can choose red or gray.

-If your eyes are brown: you can choose purple or beige ones.

-For black eyes, you can choose beige, black or pink.


Based on hair color:

  • Blond or brunette should choose red or yellow
  • Red hair girls should choose orange one simply
  • People with black hair can choose any color.

You should care about the size of the sunglasses with large size over a small nose that makes unbalance to the face that will also slip over the nose regularly so make sure to choose the suitable shape for your face.



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