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How to Design a Home Cinema!

How to design a home cinema

Home Cinema

Every one of us wants to implement the cinema’s environment in his/her home through providing specific space for the cinema where you can invite guests to enjoy watching movies with you. Today we are presenting to you some tips to help you design a perfect cinema hall in your house.

Home Cinema Design

  • Avoid using joyful paints or wallpapers unless you want to decorate the walls with old actors, with your favorite movies posters, or with wood layers. Make sure to use dark colors like black, white and gray to achieve a thrilling and dimming environment.
  • Spread some comfortable leather seats in 3 to 5 rows that each row consists of 4 movable chairs to match the movement of your body and assure the desired comfort.
  • Make sure to leave about 80 centimeters between every two rows for easy circulation.
  • Cover the floor with acoustic insulating rugs and make sure that its colors are matching the rest of the room’s colors.
  • Replace the large screen with a projector, which transmit the images on the main facing wall.
  • Increase the hidden lights in walls especially for those walls covered with wooden layers and spread lighting sources in the ceiling, but don’t use chandeliers.
  • Avoid using accessories, but you can put a table between every two seats with a simple torch.

How to Build a Home Cinema

Building a Home Cinema

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