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How to Multiply the Space of Your Narrow Apartment!

How to multiply the space of your narrow apartment

How to Increase Apartment Space

Keeping pace with the fast life, the spaces of apartments are reduced, and to keep up with this modern concept you should follow the following tips from interior designers. These tips give a sense of spaciousness for apartments with limited area:

Maximize Space in Apartment

  1. Use Colors in a Smart Way!

-Light colors reflects a quite environment in the space and it is the best solution for narrow rooms to get a spacious feeling. In this context, it is recommended to paint walls with white, beige, cream or light blue color and avoid dark colors that makes the room seem narrower more than the way it looks.

-You can use the monochromatic technique for the walls painting that requires painting with one color with different values. For example: white, off white and beige.

-It is recommended to buy light colored furniture pieces too like gray for example. It is recommended also to use light wood.

  1. Buying Flexible Furniture

-It is recommended to use multipurpose furniture pieces that can be moved easily like a table consisting of drawers in addition to bendable furniture that can be used when needed.

-You should avoid arranging the furniture randomly and you should only buy essential pieces and don’t spread too many accessories.

-It is recommended to cover the windows with light white curtains made of silk. There is no problem also to keep windows without curtains!

  1. The Rule of The Mirror

Mirrors gives a feeling of spaciousness because it reflects the attraction of some paintings, so it is recommended to fix one over the wall facing the light source. You can also decorate a whole wall with a large mirror to give a feeling of multiplied space.

  1. Lighting

It is important to fix light sources in a pre-studied way that aims to multiply the current space of the rooms.

How to Build More Space in Apartment

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