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How to Make a Stove for your Doll

How to Make a Stove for your Doll


A little bit about the project:

In this project we would see that how could we make nice craft. We could do this craft by using recycled materials. This is a very easy way to make a nice craft. 


The elements you need for this project:

  • You need a box of cartoon for this.
  • You need cardboard.
  • You need a cutter to cut the excess parts.
  • You need boxes.
  • You need a toothpick.
  • You need beads, or buttons.
  • You need silver color of duct tape and black color of duct tape attaches.
  • You need a clear plastic sheet.
  • You need a go quality Glue to have a nice attachment.
  • scissors


Our elements are ready now we would start for the project…

  • At first on a cardboard you would draw some small and big circle with a pencil. Then you would cut those with a scissors roundly. You could do this according to your choice.
  • After cutting that circle you would cover them in the Black color od duct tape and would cut the excess part.
  • Then you would take a box. You could use juice box or whatever you want.
  • Then cut this at square shape at the middle with a cutter.
  • Then you would draw the shape like the box lower side with a pencil and then cut the cardboard accordingly. Then you would cover this with a duct tape.
  • Then you would attach this into your box carefully as a self. You could do this according to your choice.
  • Then on another cardboard you would make a rectangular shape that is bigger than the hole you cut out.
  • Then you would cut a piece of rectangular shape plastic as well as paper also like the frame of the door.
  • Then you would tape on the place. You would cover the front, and back as much as needed and then cut off the excess part of the tape.
  • Then you would cover the box with a duct tape.
  • You would take a piece of cardboard in the back and cover it with duct tape.
  • You could different color of tape on the top or body.
  • Then you would tape the door of this stove and would use a locker for this.
  • Then you would glue up the cardboard circle. You could attach some wires to have a nice look. It would enhance the look of the craft.
  • Then you would make a handle for the door. You could use beads to make the handle. You could place a hand towel in the handle.
  • Now we are the owner of a nice craft.
  • After all we got a nice craft from recycled materials. Like that, we could make many crafts. You could also try this to have a nice craft. Hope you would love it.



– Instead of using the silver color of duct tape and the black color of duct tape, you can use a piece of black cartoon, also you can use an aluminum foil instead of a silver color of duct tape.

– You can create a handle for your stove by using an aluminum foil instead of a toothpick.


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