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How to Make a Dresser and Mirror for a Doll

How to Make a Dresser and Mirror for a Doll


Materials that you need:

A box of cartoon

Two Matchboxes

You need a Pencil to mark the area.

A strong glue, or hot glue


A colorful Paper, or clothes

Beads for using as a handle, and for decorating a frame.

A piece of mirror, or piece of Foil

A cardboard


The method:

– Take a box of cartoon, and then take a glue, and spread it on the surfaces of the box of cartoon.

– Bring your piece of colorful paper. You can use a colorful cloth, or using a colorful paper is better.

– Start to cover the box of cartoon by your colorful paper from each sides.

– Do the same way for the two Matchboxes. Cover them by your colorful paper.

– Start to glue the matchboxes on one surface you choose to look like drawers for the dresser.

– Use a pencil to mark the middle places for adding the handles for the matchboxes.

– Use a piece of cardboard to make a frame for a mirror.

– Cover the frame with a colorful Paper, and then glue it well with a box of cartoon to look like a dresser with mirror.

– You can decorate the frame by some beads.

– Now the doll can use the dresser.


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