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Lebanon’s Nights Dessert (Layaly Lebanon) Recipe

Lebanon's Nights Dessert (Layaly Lebanon) Recipe

DIY Lebanon Qashtaliya at Home

Lebanon’s Nights (Layaly Lebanon, Layali Libnan), it is also called Qashtaliya, it’s a Lebanese dessert, it is made in most of the occasions and especially in Ramadan. The ingredients are milk, sugar, starch, blossom water, rose water, mastic, cream, crunched pistachios, bananas, Pine nuts, and roasted almonds, honey or Syrup “Sherbat”.

DIY Kashtaliya Recipe


1 Kilo of Milk

1 Cup of Semolina

Can of cream

1 Spoon of Vanilla

¼ cup of Pistachios

Syrup or honey

One teaspoon of Mastic powder

Qashtaliya Recipe at Home (Layali Libnan)


In a deep pot, put the milk on the fire until it gets hot, and then add the Semolina and mastic with continuous stir till it becomes thick like pudding.

Turn off the fire and pour it in a Pyrex tray, or Baking pan then put it in the fridge until it becomes cool then spreading the can of cream, add the pistachios on the top of it, then put it on the fridge for two hours.

When you get it out, pour the Syrup on the top of it.

 Wish you all the health & safety.

P.S: You can decorate it with nuts, Pine nuts, kinds of different fruits, Lemon’s blossom, and Chocolate sauce.

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