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25 Inexpensive Fun Birthday Ideas for Your Kid’s Birthday

25 Super Fun Birthday Party Ideas for Children

Kids wait all year long for their only big day in a year, why shouldn’t they? After all, it is their only one special day, and they are counting on you to make it special. You are left with this responsibility of making them happy without jeopardizing the plans and commitments you have placed on your money.

With all said and done, you are faced with a greater problem of maintaining a balance between your kid’s birthday wish and your budget. But not to worry, I have put together a list of 25 birthday ideas to help keep your little one satisfied while keeping the heat off your wallet.

  1. Sneak into his or her the previous night and decorate the floor or room with balloons. There is no sweeter way to welcome the birthday kid into his/her birthday.
  2. Another way to keep the birthday going is to make confetti trail for them to follow this wouldn’t just keep them engaged, it keeps the fun going.
  3. Keep the fun going by writing boldly with soap on the mirror “Happy Birthday”. What’s a birthday without fun? Invite all their friends to a play date in your backyard play area, and they’ll have a blast playing in a fun gaga ball pit, swing set, and slide. 
  4. Make the birthday kid feel special by making a streamer doorway by taping different colors of streamers to the top of the door.
  5. Design a birthday banner, all it will cost is a printer and some papers
  6. Another thing to get the fun going is to decorate the kitchen chair for the birthday kid and name it birthday chair.
  7. Get a crown for the king or queen sitting on the birthday throne.
  8. Make a birthday button that says something related to their birthday such as it’s my birthday or I’m 6
  9. Cover the table with table cloth or any other confetti
  10. Another very important thing to do to keep the birthday flame burning is to make the kid’s breakfast look special. That doesn’t mean you have to cook a special meal, all you need do is to set it up nicely, giving the food on the plate a goofy look is a way to go
  11. Special occasions call for special treatment, on days like these, sugar such as chocolate milk can serve a birthday treat for the family.
  12. In the spirit of keeping the treatment special on a day such as this, it is a sweet idea to let the birthday kid choose his, or her birthday dinner.
  13. A birthday idea that I find quite interesting is having a traditional gift you give every year, growing up, my father has a tradition of presenting me with a bar of chocolate, funny thing about it is that a few months to my birthdays, I wouldn’t stop thinking about the chocolate bar
  14. Another sweet birthday idea is to save the birthday cards up from previous years and uses them to decorate the house on their birthday.
  15. Have them receive birthday cards from relations via mails. For some reasons, kids love to have their mails delivered with their names on it
  16. Kids see birthdays as marks of maturity, and they always want to Have added responsibility, make it fun for them by ensuring that at every age, there is always a skill they are looking forward to learn and a responsibility they are dying to be given. Try to learn them a new skill such as; how to use camera.
  17. Make their birthday colorful and magical by sending them birthday cards in their pet’s name or their friend pet’s name.
  18. Have them go on a treasure hunt, you will be amazed at much fun your kid will have trying to figure out the clues or solve the puzzle to get their birthday present.
  19. Display the birthday gifts in such a place and manner that they can all be seen by everyone
  20. Allow the birthday kid chose the desert he or she likes for the birthday party
  21. A fun idea to make the birthday kid feel special is to allow him or her select a game to play with other family members after dinner
  22. Compose birthday songs for them with their names and years in it, doesn’t have to be a new song, merely modifying the traditional birthday song will do the trick
  23. Measure their heights on their birthdays to help them keep track of how well and tall they have grown
  24. It is a good idea to have a tradition of giving red roses to your daughter every year no matter how small she is.
  25. The manner with which you have decorated the birthday cake is very important. Ensure its icing is perfect and its candles magnificent.

It is important that you know that these inexpensive and highly efficient birthday ideas will take a little bit of time and a great deal of organizing to come out perfect.

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