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Olive Oil For Beauty

Olive Oil For Beauty (Homemade Recipes for Beauty)


Olive oil has health benefits, and aesthetic as interference in all cosmetic, it uses to solve your problems, and Olive oil increases your beauty, as you know:

• If you want to care of your nails, there is no better than olive oil. Mix a little of it with warm water, then soak the nails for 5 minutes before you use your Nail Files, nail polish, it helps to moisturizer, and olive oil helps your nails to be soft.

• If you suffer from your hair when it is flying especially on humid days, put a bit of olive oil on your comb, and then Comb your hair volatile parties.

• If the lips you have dry, and chapped, especially with the onset of winter, make natural lips moisturizer with yourself, mix ¼ Cup of olive oil with liquid vanilla spoon, or the smell of orange blossom, lavender oil, and mix the mixture with ¼ Cup of beeswax, then use the mixture on your lips, and you will observe the difference in two days.

• If your hair dry, and brittle, here’s the best and easiest recipe for treatment.

bring ½ of olive oil , or ¾ Cup of olive oil, it depends on the density of your hair, and then lightly rubbing with fingertips on your scalp, and then put a plastic hat of bathroom, on your hair, put on your plastic hat of bathroom a hot towel, and cover with it, let it for an hour, and then you can wash your hair with any kind of shampoo you prefer, and you can use a little of balsamic, and you’ll see the difference.

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