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Rice Mask Is a Magical Recipe for White Skin

Rice Mask Is a Magical Recipe for White Skin


The pimples and dark dots are always major problems that affect the skin, which causes tension for eve. In the same time that you spend a lot of money to get a clear and brilliant skin that is free of pimples and black dots. There are some women dreams of having a brilliant and white skin, so they keep buying creams that lighten the skin although it contains very harmful chemical elements. So, do you want to whiten your skin without any worries and with easy methods? Here is a magical recipe that is so easy:

How to make the rice mask:

Mash some rice and mix with water until the mixture becomes proper to be used as a mask. Leave the mast until it becomes dry then rub it. Wash your face with warm water and don’t forget to notice the difference.

Here is another more effective method: when you wash the rice and prepare it for cooking, wash your face with the rice water and leave until it becomes dry without drying it or washing with clean water.

After it becomes completely dry, spread some rose water on your face and leave it to become dry automatically.




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